The Body Minds & Unpunished

Marta Reig Torres | Korzo producties, Bodies Anonymous

Spanish choreographer Marta Reig Torres has made a number of atmospheric and personal pieces in Korzo. Guilherme Miotto was associated with the Tilburg company T.R.A.S.H. as a performer and choreographer and is now the co-artistic director of Bodies Anonymous. For Unpunished he worked together with performer and hip-hop star Akwasi O. Ansah (Zwart Licht) and urban dancer Johnny Lloyd.

Our lives are influenced daily by deep-seated forces that seem unassailable. In The Body Minds Marta has created a performance about this existing power that we feel as human beings, but cannot see. Two dancers throw their bodies into the fray and confront this invisible force. Filled with poetic power, they reveal what will not show itself and make the elusive tangible.  

To the sounds of Akwasi O. Ansah, we see three men in captivity in Unpunished. They are ready to be punished, but have long past forgotten the reason why. In their meaningless isolation, they are at each other’s mercy. Repressed tensions and vulnerabilities draw the question of guilt to the surface. Comradeship, deceit, and indifference alternate each other in an attempt to get a grip on desperation and desire.

The Body Minds
concept and choreography Marta Reig Torres | dance Angelina Deck & Manel Salas | music composition Ivo Bol | light design Ellen Knops | costume design Yanaika Holle

The Body Minds is a Korzo production in cooperation with Cloud and is financially supported by The City of The Hague and Ministry of OCW.

performance Akwasi O. Ansah, Johnny Lloyd, Guilherme Miotto | decor and light Peter Missotten | music Akwasi O. Ansah | choreography Guilherme Miotto, Johnny Lloyd | concept and staging Guilherme Miotto  | dramaturgy Jack Gallagher

Unpunished is a Bodies Anonymous production in coproduction with the Euregionaal Dansplatform, an initiative of Maastricht & Euregio candidate cultural capital of Europe 2018, Theater aan het Vrijthof Maastricht performed by Filmfabriek, Bierbeek – Belgium / Station Zuid, Tilburg / PodiumBloos, Breda / De NWE Vorst, Tilburg.

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