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Double Bill: Passage & Of Knives and Men

Panama Pictures

A double performance, with in each case, one dancer, one acrobat/juggler, one friendship, and six razor-sharp knives

Panama Pictures creates performances in between dance and circus in which the disciplines merge seamlessly. Tonight the company plays a double-bill of an existing and a brand-new duet by choreographer Pia Meuthen.

The new cyrwheel duet Passage is an exciting encounter between a dancer a a cyrwheel acrobat, inspired by the double realities in the stories of the worldfamous Japanese author Haruki Murakami. In Of Knives and Men, the charismatic dancer Francesco Barba and the talented acrobat and juggler Fabian Krestel test the limits of their friendship. They are charming, brave, and together they are invincible. In turns, they reach new heights while together they defy the laws of gravity and challenge each other with a game with knives. But how far can they really trust each other? Gradually stereotypical images of ‘real masculine friendship’ change into a personal and emotional connection that leaves room for doubt, self-reflection, and mutual protection.


choreography Pia Meuthen | dance, acrobatics Felix Vailly and Francesco Barba | music Frank Bretschneider & Ralph Steinbrüchel, Ólafur Arnalds & Nils Frahm | costumes Sannen Reichert | light, sound Bart Verzellenberg

Knives and Men

choreography Pia Meuthen | dance, acrobatics Fabian Krestel and Francesco Barba | music Strijbos & van Rijswijk | costumes Sanne Reichert | light design Bart Verzellenberg


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