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The Games We Play

Brendan Faegre Edge Ensemble

You play best when you take it seriously. In The Games We Play, the Edge ensemble unravels the games people play. ‘Play is essential to human beings’, says artistic director Brendan Faegre. ‘But the best comedians play with a face which is, at best, difficult to read. In this program, we also highlight the dark side of play.’ Faegre himself contributed a piece concerning one of the instigators of the financial crisis of 2008, banker Lloyd Blankfein, who took speculation as a game and wore that mask even before a committee of inquiry; this is set against a piece by the Scottish Genevieve Murphy, who plays bagpipe. With a curious and destructive youthfulness, she will take the instrument apart to see what music can be made with the individual parts. ‘In the program we’ve claimed the necessary space to play with within the notes’, says Faegre.


Brendan Faegre – Love the Cheat (hate the spoilsport) (US/NL 1985)
Ethan Braun – Degrees of Silence (US 1987)
Harry Stafylakis – Together we Grow (CA 1982)
Christopher Fox – Revolutionary Movements (UK 1955)
Genevieve Murphy – Pretend to see it, then laugh (UK/NL 1988)

drums, director Brendan Faegre | piano Nora Mulder | bass clarinet Christof May | amplified baroque violin James Hewitt | bass Vasilis Stefanopoulos

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