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Alida Dors | BackBone

Alida Dors is one of the most interesting hip-hop choreographers in the Dutch dance scene. She strips hip-hop of its bravura and homes in on the abstract in this powerful dance form. In Oogst, she enters into an exciting dialogue with Aukan traditional dance from Surinam and live music by contemporary composer Diego Soifer. A tree nourishes itself with the soil of the past and its fruits bear the future, season upon season, year after year. Four dancers move from one configuration to the next. In search for the essence of the individual, only rhythmically pulsating movements remain. By letting go of bravura, the dancers dig deeper and deeper in search of their true identity.

choreography Alida Dors | dance Donna Chittick, Sarah Mancini, Quincy Ignacia, Jason de Witt | composition Diego Soifer | flute Janneke Groesz | percussion Marijn Korff de Gidts | scenery and light design Loes Schakenbos | costume design Asalia Khadjé | dramaturgy Merel Heering | technics Davy den Dulk

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