The Well


Koreless, Anenon, Torus and dj Arif

On the program for the fourth Rewire x Korzo: the Dutch premiere of Koreless’ immersive audiovisual performance The Well, alongside performances by LA-based saxophonist and producer Anenon, local producer and RBMA graduate Torus and DJ Arif.

20:00 - Arif
20:30 - Anenon
21:30 - Torus
22:30 - Koreless + Emmanuel Biard present The Well
23:30 - Arif

Rewire x Korzo is the new collaboration between The Hague-based festival for adventurous music, Rewire, and contemporary dance and music venue, Korzo. The organizations have joined forces to put on a series of dynamic concert nights centred on new music and performance. Rewire x Korzo is made possible in part by funding from Fonds21.

Koreless presents The Well
Welsh-born, London-based production wiz Koreless takes yet another unexpected turn in his nascent musical career to present the Dutch debut of audiovisual adventure The Well. Following up 2015’s ode to minimal music hero Terry Riley, Koreless now teams up with visual artist Emmanuel Biard for a mesmerizing new work, commissioned by Future Everything, that features Koreless’ compositions alongside a mylar laser mirror and new lighting structures designed by Biard.

Emerging in the wake of L.A.’s prodigious beat scene, populated by the likes of Flying Lotus, The Gaslamp Killer and Nosaj Thing, Anenon mines the intersection of electronics, jazz, improvisation and spiritual atmospherics to craft sweeping electronic arrangements infused with the delicate, live instrumentation of his peers and his own saxophone. His work simultaneously evokes the moods of Vangelis’ Blade Runner soundtrack, Philip Glass, and it’s own source material, the L.A. sprawl.

Representing the homefront, The Hague-born artist and producer Joeri Woudstra unveils the latest iteration of his ever-evolving alterego, Torus. Debuting in 2012 with a self-titled EP for London label Sonic Router, the upstart producer and RBMA Tokyo graduate has gradually refined his expansive sonic aesthetic by fusing beat-driven, spatial explorations with disparate elements of jungle, trance and eurodance.

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