100 Finnish Summers

On June 18th , The Hague-based Finnish Female Choir TAIKA, together with Finnish-Dutch designer duo visual artist Liisa Aholainen and architect/lighting designer Bas Gremmen, will honour Finland’s 100th anniversary with a concert and an art exhibition. The event is part of ‘Suomi 100 Maailmalla – Finland 100 Worldwide’ – project. The aim of the concert is not only to celebrate Finland’s grand year, but also to show the larger audience what Finland, and the Finnish community in the Netherlands has to offer.

The concert program is varied, with a focus on music written by Finnish composers: Mia Makaroff, Jarkko Yli-Annala, and Soila Sariola, to name a few of them. The concert draws its inspiration from Finnish folklore. The audience will be pampered with songs about nature, about love and longing, and even songs composed around the verses of Finland’s national epic story, Kalevala.

Conductor MM Karla-Maria Toiviainen | Artwork MA Liisa Aholainen | Lighting design M. ARCH Bas Gremmen

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€ 24,-

kids 4-12 years: € 15,-



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Prinsestraat 42
2513 CE Den Haag

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