Uwe Leipe Mastdramnis

Nieuw Amsterdams Peil

A woman rummages around on the horizon of life. What she has in the way of possessions is a mess, just like her mind. From the depths where her mind has retreated, senseless, angry words and sounds well up until they string together to form meaningful sentences. Sometimes in lines of verse that hang in the air like clouds before they blow away. In the chamber opera Uwe Leipe Mastdramnis (anagram of Nieuw Amsterdams Peil), composer Robert Zuidam follows a woman, played by mezzo-soprano Gerrie de Vries, in the last phase of her life. Accompanied and elevated by seven musicians of the ensemble Nieuw Amsterdams Peil, she glowingly says goodbye. NRC Handelsblad and the Theaterkrant gave this work rave reviews, calling the music enchanting, and De Vries radiant.

composition Rob Zuidam | regie Jeroen De Man | design Arjen de Leeuw | ensemble Nieuw Amsterdams Peil | mezzo soprano Gerrie de Vries

19:30 Super Lecture by Conny Palmen

Writer Conny Palmen made a compilation of various literary texts about language, memory, and the sickness of oblivion especially for Uwe Leipe Mastradamnis.

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