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Korzo’s technical staff is proud to welcome you in a completely renovated building. Visitors familiar with our old theatre will recognize a few old remnants here and there. Aside from this, there are three brand new studios. The foyer and all public facilities have been entirely renewed. All offices have made over, as have the technical facilities. This has resulted in a combination of reconstruction and newly built that, in our opinion, is ideal.

There are three auditoria in the Korzo building with theatre technical facilities:

  • The Korzo theatre auditorium has a capacity of 204 seats. It is a standard blackbox theatre with bleacher seating. The work system above the floor is unique in the world (please tell us if you find its equal). There is an electric fly ceiling with a minimum of one fly line and two side fly lines per 1 meter 20. Along and between these fly lines, service gondolas can be moved back and forth, from which lights can be directed. This system makes the awkward man-lift redundant, and as such combines the best of several methods. The entire floor surface is covered by a supporting work ceiling, above which four electric hoists are hung as an extra rigging solution.
  • De Korzo studio is a blackbox auditorium with a capacity of 100 seats. There is a fixed grid with a hanging pipe every one and a half meters under which a moving bridge can be used to hang and direct spotlights. The walls are white and the ceiling is dark gray.
  • Club Korzo is also a blackbox auditorium with a capacity of 60 seats on a fixed arena seating, and a fixed grid. This theatre hall is primarily suited to concerts and various sorts of presentations. The auditorium has a white finish.

All auditoria are furnished with black curtains on rails along the sides and at the back that can be drawn. The audio in all auditoria is based on the Allen&Heath iLive system with ACE-Ethernet protocol. The lighting is operated through ETC-ION computers. All auditoria are equipped with hard patch solutions for lighting (DMX, dimmed 230V), sound (speakon) and Ethernet (for digital audio and e.g. VGA distribution).

For an extensive summary of the technical facilities of our theatre, please download the files at the right of this page. You can call us with any questions or comments you may have. We hope to see you in our fantastic new theatre.

On behalf of Korzo’s technical staff,
Bas Vissers (chief), Piet Mensonides, Albert Tulling, Peter Lemmens 


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