Guilherme Miotto interviews himself

on his newest performance In Memory of a Projection

What would you say is different on this performance in relation to your past works?
The main difference between this performance and the others is the fact that in In Memory of a Projection all elements have the same value. Stage design, light design, music, choreography are all at the same level of importance. To be able to appreciate this performance one needs to look at all the above mentioned elements with the same focus. This is a rather unusual since typically music, lights and decor are there to support the dance however in this case they are as important as the dance.

What were your focus points when creating the dance material?
The dance material is turned inwards. It is a sort of opposite of showing off. All the dance happens within the performers bodies. What we witness as viewers are three bodies going through a process which has only to do with themselves. Not at any stage of the performance the dance is open nor exposed to the audiences.

What did you hope to achieve with this performance?
My aim was to create an environment wherein the boundaries between: dance, ritual, performance art and visual arts were to be diffused. A multi-focus environment wherein the audiences are allowed to roam free with their eyes and their imagination.

© Robert Benschop

Why did you choose to work with this cast?
I became acquainted with all three performers Wies Berkhout, Lotte Milder and Mirthe Labree during my teachings and their studies at Fontys Dance Academy (Wies) and Theatre Academy Maastricht (Lotte and Mirthe). I was very inspired by their capacity to connect with different mind states through their movements. These performers carries with them very strong presences without their presences and courage this performance were never to be.

Could you please elaborate on the stage and light design and musical composition?
The stage and light design are designed by Peter Missotten. Peter’s design creates a spacial dynamic which dictates the visual perception of the piece. The music is signed by Joel Ryan. Joel played with a series of sonic elements (mainly live recordings) to create a sound scape which is both very near and very far from the listener.

In Memory of a Projection will tour throughout the Netherlands from 2 September onwards. Check out all tour dates

photo Guilherme Miotto © Dans Brabant - Renate Beense

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