Meet the "Pictures of Things" dancers: Dasha Kolesnyk

“My whole existence just got upgraded”

Leading up to the premiere of Pictures of Things the thirteen dancers from all over the world will be introduced to you in a series of blogs through an interview and a self-edited portrait. Today we meet Dasha!

A colorful collection of thirteen dance enthusiasts from various corners of the world gets together at the Monday Movement Class in Korzo. Working with the various choreographers during the weekly open classes leaves a subtle but lasting trace on their lives. On the participant's own initiative, this inspiration will now be given form by delving into a creative process with one single choreographer. The group chose Amos Ben-Tal, who together with his collective OFFprojects will create the interdisciplinary performance Pictures Of Things with and for them. An ode to all the little decisions and encounters that shape our lives and identities. 


What I wanted to become when I was a child 
I wanted to become a person who lives in the woods and takes care of the animals: in Ukrainian is “lisnyk”. I thought that I would be able to talk with the animals, learn the language of the nature, talk to the nature and the trees and understand the world. I thought that was the key to understanding the world. Actually all the changes in my profession were because I wanted to find this key... but it never happened - I even had a depression because of that.

The last time I felt very happy
When there was sun in this country, I guess... like two weeks ago.  I was so happy with the sun, it takes so little but I felt totally... like my whole existence just got upgraded, like suddenly. It’s ridiculous how much effect it has on me, but it does.

A hilarious moment
I once had half of my face paralyzed, something happened to my nerve so half of my face didn’t move. So when I was laughing or had any facial movement, one half was smiling and the other half was still. My brother and sister tried anything to make me laugh! My brother was doing all this stupid things and then freaked out about my face. It was a hilarious moment.  

One thing I learned from Amos
Last week he was saying something about the result not being the most important, that people want to see the process because that is what’s interesting to watch. It has really strong implications in life, the end itself is not necessarily most important. And this does not apply in dance only; it is a different paradigm of seeing things in general. The fact that there are professionals out there who sell the process and not the result is actually inspiring, it gives hope of progress.

Pictures of Things plays in Korzo on Tuesday 31th of May and Wednesday the 1st of June. More info & tickets

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