Meet the "Pictures of Things" dancers: Pia Rener

“We connected and I fell in love again”

Leading up to the premiere of Pictures of Things the thirteen dancers from all over the world will be introduced to you in a series of blogs through an interview and a self-edited portrait. Today we have a lovely introduction to Pia!

A colorful collection of thirteen dance enthusiasts from various corners of the world gets together at the Monday Movement Class in Korzo. Working with the various choreographers during the weekly open classes leaves a subtle but lasting trace on their lives. On the participant's own initiative, this inspiration will now be given form by delving into a creative process with one single choreographer. The group chose Amos Ben-Tal, who together with his collective OFFprojects will create the interdisciplinary performance Pictures Of Things with and for them. An ode to all the little decisions and encounters that shape our lives and identities. 

What I wanted to become as a child
Recently I found a letter that I had to write at the end of primary school, and there I already wrote that I wanted to be something connected to music, dance and probably teaching. I actually forgot that I had that wish already as a child. It’s funny, I was like: “oh, I already wanted that years ago, interesting!!!”

My favourite sound
Right now, it’s the sound that an owl makes when it hawks. There is a place in the Hague where I can hear the sound when I drive to school in the morning and it reminds me of my grandparents’ garden, where you could hear the same kind of hawking. I never saw the owl though, I am just hearing it from time to time.

The last time I felt very happy
A few days ago.. like very, very happy. My boyfriend and I have been together for four years and we’re in a long-distance relationship now because I went away to study, so now it’s our second year being away from each other. My boyfriend came to visit this week and we’ve been having some troubles so we broke up on Monday and then we did not talk for a whole day after. On Wednesday we saw each other again and through talking and really being honest with each other we managed to get back together by Friday. We were in my room all the time, just talking. On Saturday I felt really relieved because we connected again and I fell in love again..

What stimulates my creativity
Mainly people, their stories, their thoughts and their views on the world, but it can also be different things, like patterns, like the ones I see on this couch, or trees! I like trees a lot!

One thing I learned from Amos
I’m still learning from him. One general thing I learned is patience; I think he’s amazing at that. At some points I get angry and I have to breathe deeply and relax, but Amos is really patient! That’s really admirable! From a choreographic point of view, I’m learning how he manages to make us look good, even with our different bodies and backgrounds. He has an incredible sensibility for people and their bodies, and very good choreographic ideas. 

Pictures of Things plays in Korzo on Tuesday 31th of May and Wednesday the 1st of June. More info & tickets

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