Meet the "Pictures of Things" dancers: Youki Verloo

“I constantly surprise myself”

Leading up to the premiere of Pictures of Things the thirteen dancers from all over the world will be introduced to you in a series of blogs through an interview and a self-edited portrait. Today we have Youki's colorful portrait and her story behind it.

A colorful collection of thirteen dance enthusiasts from various corners of the world gets together at the Monday Movement Class in Korzo. Working with the various choreographers during the weekly open classes leaves a subtle but lasting trace on their lives. On the participant's own initiative, this inspiration will now be given form by delving into a creative process with one single choreographer. The group chose Amos Ben-Tal, who together with his collective OFFprojects will create the interdisciplinary performance Pictures Of Things with and for them. An ode to all the little decisions and encounters that shape our lives and identities. 

What I wanted to become as a child
I always wanted to be a dancer and I actually started becoming one. When I was 12 I started the dance academy in Tilburg and did the pre-academy after that for 4 years. I had to travel a lot to get to Tilburg from my hometown and that ended up being a bit too much for me. There was also a moment at the end of my studies that I became a bit flat; I was not dancing with feeling anymore because the classes we’re too much. Dancing ended up feeling more like work rather than passion. So after a difficult process of questioning and discussing this with my parents, I decided to stop.

What made me change to design
I was always drawing and making sketches of dolls. I was also making clothes for Barbie dolls, so it was actually quite clear that I should do something in fashion. However, I always kept on dancing and then, at some point, I actually started to dance with Dansnest, a small group from Breda which is now quite big.  They dance with professionals and amateurs, so I started doing projects with them on different locations, mostly outdoor locations. Eventually I started making costumes for their shows, si I managed to combine both of my interests!

The last time I cried
Oh, that was a few days ago when I was watching the news. I always cry after the news. It was because of the poor children in Africa and the fact that it is impossible for agriculture to work on the dryness of that land.

How this project influenced me
This improvisation technique that we get from Amos is really interesting. It’s improvisation but it’s filled with instructions that you can’t really do, but if you aim to follow them, they bring you very close to your body. You also end up discovering new shapes and forms that you never did before.  That’s because his improvisations make you think of different things... so I constantly surprise myself.

My portrait
I drew a half of myself in the portrait, so actually one part is real and one part is drawn like a sketch. I feel that sometimes in life you can’t always really be yourself, you have to sometimes... be a bit fake. Which is actually very difficult for me to do! It’s hard to be very polite and kind at moments when you really think like “aah, fuck off, everybody”.  

Pictures of Things plays in Korzo on Tuesday 31th of May and Wednesday the 1st of June. More info & tickets

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