Korzo is looking for male and female dancers with strong ballet and contemporary technique, who are based in the Netherlands.
For two new creations of the program Here we Live and Now 2015, made by the choreographers Jianhui Wang and Rutkay Özpinar.

When:  Tuesday August 25th 1st call
            Wednesday August 26th 2nd call
            from 11:00 hrs -17:00 hrs

Where: Korzo theater (Prinsestraat 42 - The Hague)

September 7  until  November 12,  2015

Performance dates
November  12, 13, 14
November 18, 19, 20, 21


Photo, CV and video link: short dance video 

23 Jul 2015

In 2001, photographer Tara Fallaux created the photo serie The Show is Over. Exhausted, relieved, energetic or worn out. Nobody usually gets to see how dancers leave the stage after a performance. Backstage, they fall into a kind of vacuum, the empty space that follows after the almost superhuman effort. The mind is still on stage and the adrenaline still rushes through the body. The dancer has not yet switched to the sober reality. Not only the dance, but also the dancer has been danced.

The serie was exhibited at Julidans and the CaDance Festival in 2001. Now, part of it is permanently shown at the backstage area of Korzo. On Sunday, 10 May this area will be opened to the public of All there is.

01 May 2015

On Friday, 18 September, Korzo stages a festival around the music innovators of buzzing city Seoul. The Seoul Connection festival features Black String, Ji Park, Gamin, documentary, lectures and Korean snacks and drinks. Tickets are now on sale via

01 May 2015


Korzo is doing well, having a very successful year in 2014. Korzo welcomed 69.943 visitors, an increase which began after the success of 2013 which attendance grown to 64,374. Choreographers won important prizes; Samir Calixto was awarded the BNG Bank Dance Prize and Joeri Dubbe won the Scapino Production Prize. Korzo heightened its profile with special projects such as the Kylián Festival, the India Dance Festival, a Korean edition of Voorjaarsontwaken, Crosstown and music projects such as Calliope Week and Dag in de Branding. This diversity of projects translated into a diversity of audience types finding their way to Korzo. New projects formed an opportunity to present new creatives and to reach new audiences with their work. And finally, Korzo celebrated its 30th anniversary under the motto ‘Proud to be 30’.

This success comes together with Korzo’s growing visibility and its involvement in, and attention for investing in young talent. Korzo’s top talents are followed closely by journalists, financiers, programmers, and the public. Korzo has become a meeting place for performing arts professionals as well as amateurs and the general audience. 

There are also concerns, in spite of the success. The consequences of spending cut backs are still being felt, around us, but also with our organisation. Many colleague institutions are faltering, or have already fallen; in the sector generally the workload is taking its toll. As for others, the funding for Korzo’s projects remains uncertain and the way of funding per project has its impact on Korzo as an organization. 2014 was the year of finding a balance between great ambitions and limited means and possibilities. 

Though it is perhaps not generally known, in addition to its active role in The Hague and the Netherlands, Korzo spreads out its activities over the whole world, engaging in partnerships and exchanges and presenting performances in India, Japan, Russia, Chilli, Brazil, Poland, Senegal, Germany, Belgium, Great Britain, France, Taiwan, Lithuania, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Greece, Malta, and Spain. With the disciplines of dance and music, Korzo operates a wide-ranging international network. And artists and producers from all over the globe come to Korzo to scout talent, develop partnerships and to present work.

At the same time, Korzo invests as a cultural house in its immediate surroundings. Korzo feels a responsibility to instil the importance of art upon the young. For this reason, Korzo invests in long-term relationships with schools, such as with the project ‘The Art Institution as Classroom’, a partnership with the Johann de Wit Scholengroep. With Crosstown, Korzo offers the youth of The Hague from the age of 14 the opportunity to discover and develop their creative ambitions in dance under professional supervision through lessons and creating performances. Korzo also aims to offer the public educational possibilities in the form of fringe programming. Korzo stages many workshops and talks before and after performances to give audiences a context. One of the most successful formulas has been the Monday Movement Class, where the public can get acquainted with creatives’ work in an open class.

The full year report (in Dutch) can be downloaden here

20 Apr 2015

The seventeenth edition of the CaDance Festival concluded successfully with a new attendance record of 11.500 visitors. Korzo presented CaDance from 30 January thru 15 February at various locations throughout The Hague such as Korzo Theater, Theater aan het Spui, and the Lucent Danstheater. The varied program included a total of 19 performances with 11 premieres of new works. The interest displayed by the public in new choreographic talent was overwhelming. The attendance was at 80% of capacity. An increase of 3000 spectators compared with the previous edition.

“Important festival for home-grown dance”
The press described CaDance as being the most important festival for Dutch dance in the Netherlands. Korzo stages the CaDance Festival to give new choreographic talent visibility and to provide it with a good public impulse. The festival displays a great variety of talented choreographers from the Netherlands. In addition, there were also international performances with partners from countries such as Senegal, Korea, and Greece. This edition’s contemporary dance program showed artistic influences of performance art, the urban scene, and Indian dance. The festival’s organisation sees a broad section of the public that is interested in dance, and it’s still growing.

The talent coming out of the Netherlands has the attention of the international dance community. Delegations from Taiwan, Sweden, and Great Britain came to the festival to attend performances and to get to know the organisational structure behind Korzo’s talent development.

Projects with an intimate setting popular with the public
Korzo tries to bring dance up close and personal to the audience. The main focus is the audience’s experience. This was given form in a number of unique projects in this edition such as 4x4 / the fellowship of the dance, where dance pieces were specially created for four historic locations in The Hague. Small groups of spectators experienced these works intensely through the close proximity of the dancers. There was a run on ticket sales for these performances that were sold out the entire festival.

The ‘Super Lectures’ were introduced as a new item in this edition. These we held preceding four performances. A number of ‘word artists’ took the choreographer’s literary inspiration as a point of departure for their own views on art. Not the usual introduction to a performance, but a real lecture with a personal touch. All Super Lectures were sold out and they will certainly return in the next edition of CaDance.


15 Feb 2015

The second BNG Bank Dance Prize for Excellent Talent goes to choreographer Marina Mascarell on 13 February. This prize has been established last year by the BNG Cultuurfonds, in collaboration with Korzo productions, to support top talent in the field of choreography. Mascarell receives an endowment of 50.000 Euros to be used to finance the tour of "it is like a large animal deep in sleep" in the Fall of 2015. The piece premieres on Wednesday, 4 February at the CaDance Festival. 

After dancing for a.o. Nederlands Dans Theater in The Hague, Mascarell focuses on choreographing her own work since 2010. Since 2011, she develops her career at Korzo. She created work for Here We Live and Now (Korzo), TWOOLS (Scapino Ballet Rotterdam) and UpComing Choreographers (NDT). In 2013 she impressed press and public with The Unreality of Time.

BNG Bank Dance Prize for Excellent Talent
Since 2014, the BNG Cultuurfonds and Korzo Productions have joined forces to support specially talented creatives with (inter)national potential on their way to the next stage of their career. Now that the Dutch production houses are no longer part of the basic cultural infrastructure supported by the government, Korzo and the BNG Cultuurfonds aim to provide continuity in the development of excellent young creatives. The first winner of the prize was Samir Calixto who brought his hit 4 Seasons on tour.

04 Feb 2015

Korzo, one of the largest production houses in the Netherlands, presents the seventeenth edition of the CaDance Festival. The festival opens on Friday 30 January 2015 with two premieres by up-and-coming talents: Samir Calixto and Jasper van Luijk. This edition of CaDance also gives an important boost to a new generation of choreographers in the Netherlands. The festival will present a total of eleven premieres of up-and-coming talents and also offers an up-to-date view of the dance with numerous national and international partnership projects.

Festival theme ‘Excellence of Form’
The theme Excellence of Form trains the spotlight on form in dance. Notably, many choreographers seek inspiration in our civilization’s great universal subjects: the stranger, love, life’s journey, and the lost paradise. With their performances, they place the dance in the middle of society: Club Guy & Roni with their reflections on The Odyssey, ICKamsterdam with their version of L’Etranger by Albert Camus, and Samir Calixto with his translation into dance of John Milton’s Paradise Lost. Each new generation of artists shows a continuing need to give shape to the topicality of these subjects.

Up-and-coming choreographic talent from The Hague
The 2015 CaDance festival presents a number of creatives who are furthering their career at home and abroad and who are all connected with Korzo. Samir Calixto, Marina Mascarell and Iván Pérez made their festival debut in the previous edition. They have rapidly developed into colourful artists with their own personal dance language. These creatives based in The Hague present new works in a full-length evening’s program. All eyes are on new talents Jasper van Luijk, Shailesh Bahoran and Guilherme Miotto. In cooperation with the Nederlands Dans Theater, the festival presents the performance event Might by choreographer Amos Ben-Tal.

4x4 - Dancing through The Hague
CaDance also involves the city of The Hague in the festival and lets the public experience dance from close up. In the form of a journey, four choreographers have gone to work with the festival’s theme at unique locations around the stately city centre Lange Voorhout. From the legendary Hotel des Indes and the Koninklijke Schouwburg to the world’s oldest book museum, Meermanno. 4x4/the fellowship of the dance offers the public a new perspective on dance, the city, and its illustrious past.

Super Lectures
A new item in the festival program is the ‘super lecture’. CaDance invites gifted speakers to give a super lecture on a number of classic themes from the world’s literature used by choreographers as inspiration. Visitors can soak up knowledge and then attend the performance to see in which form the choreographers chose to reflect on subjects that continually return through the centuries.

For more information about the extensive festival programme, please visit:

23 Jan 2015

Looking for the perfect Christmas gift?
Give a CaDance experience!

Korzo, the house for the dance in The Hague, hosts the seventeenth edition of the CaDance Festival – filled with sparkling new dance by up-and-coming and established choreographic talents from the Netherlands. The festival opens on Friday 30 January 2015 with two premieres by Samir Calixto and Jasper van Luijk.

Ticket sales have now started. Especially for the Holiday Season, you can order tickets with a Holiday Seasons discount of € 4,- on performances and package deals.* All tickets will be festively wrapped and delivered to your home. All you have to do is place them under the Christmas tree.

And an extra gift to CaDance fans: buy tickets for three different performances and get your fourth ticket for free!

*Discount only applies to the regular price and cannot be combined with other discounts. This promotion is valid until 26 December 2014. The last shipping-date before Christmas will be on 23 December 2014. Not valid for Strike Root.

CaDance Festival is produced by Korzo.

03 Dec 2014

Ann Van den Broek is looking for a male dancer who can replace one of her dancers in various choreographies starting from February 2015 until the end of December 2015, but who is also interested in participating in new projects.

Ann Van den Broek is specifically looking for a dancer who can easily learn the existing choreographies, is patient, likes to immerse himself in her detailed and analytical movement language, has a good sense of rhythm, likes to push his physical and mental limits and has theatrical skills.

We can offer you a freelance contract based on the Dutch CAO of the performing arts and various (inter)national tourdates in 2015 and 2016.

- the 5th of January 2015 till the 9th of January 2015 in Antwerp
- the 9th of February 2015 till the 13th of February 2015 in Antwerp
A detailed overview of tourdates will be send to you by mail after application. Dancers who are not free during this period can, unfortunately, not apply.

Audition dates
1, 2 and 3 December 2014 - at the end of each day Ann Van den Broek will make a selection. In case you are selected on the 1st day, you will be asked to come back the next days for the 2nd or 3rd selection round.

Location: Rotterdamse Schouwburg
Applicate by sending an email to with a portret picture, full body picture, your CV (containing date of birth, size, current place of resident and professional experiences) and a short motivation attached.

Apply before the 21st of Nov 2014

07 Nov 2014

For two new creations of the program of Here we live and now, made by Wubkje Kuindersma and Antonin Comestaz, Korzo is looking for two male dancers and one female dancer with strong technique and improvisation skills. We are looking for dancers who have clear articulation of movement and interpretation and dare to be vulnerable, while being physically fierce.

When: Tuesday the 2nd of September 2014 from 12:00 hrs -17:00 hrs
Where: Korzo theater (Prinsestraat 42, The Hague)

Send a cv and picture before the 27th of August 2014 to Janneke van Stroe,
audition by invitation only

Rehearsal period: October and November 2014

November 13, 14, 15 2014
November 19, 20, 21, 22 2014

21 Aug 2014


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