IRC is looking for explosive and theatrical dancers for the upcoming theatre piece Shakti. Dancers with a background in hip hop, experimental, break, popping and funk related styles have our preference. Furthermore we are looking for flexibility, acrobatic ability and those who are not afraid to think outside of the box. Both professionals and interns are welcome.

Rehearsal period: April - May 2020
Assembly: May 5-7 & May 14, 2020
Premiere: May 15
Performance: 16 May Korzo, The Hague, 18 & 19 June, Stadsschouwburg Utrecht
Tour: spring 2021

Do you think you are a good fit for the Shakti cast? And are you available in the specified periods?


The audition takes place on August 31 and September 1 (call-back) 2019, 10 am to 5 pm, in the Korzo, The Hague.
Sign in before 26 August, and mail us your resume (with photo and promotional video) at:
We will contact you if you’ve been selected to audition.

In his new show Shakti, Shailesh Bahoran focusses on the origin of the energy of life. In Hindu tradition the male energy of Shiva stands for the silent thought while the female energy of Shakti stands for everything that moves. In every person both forces intertwine.

16 Jul 2019

male/female contemporary dancers

For his new production For all we know, French choreographer Antonin Comestaz is looking for dancers that; have a sense of humor, are honest, theatrically embodied and detailed, have a clearity of language, are high technically skilled and are comfortable with improvisation technique. Stagiaires are welcome to apply.


date Saturday 22 June 2019
time 10:00 - 18:00 (studio open from 10:00. The audition starts at 10:30 with a warm-up)
location Korzo theatre, Prinsestraat 42, Den Haag


• October, November, December 2019 
• January 2020 
(detailed schedule will follow)

Montage and Shows
• 20, 21 and 22 January 2020, Montage
• 23 January 2020, Premiere, Holland Dance Festival
• 24 and 25 January 2020, performances, Holland Dance Festival


If you are interested to join, please apply via the application form. Deadline application: 14 June 2019.

For all we know / Holland Dance Festival

The work of Antonin Comestaz has playful and absurdistic tone with an incredible movement creativity. It gives his style a complete unique charme. Behind the captivating lightness lies the seriousness and authentic passion of a versatile creative artist who we’re sure to hear more of. “For all we know” is the annual co-production performance between NDT and Korzo theater.

And on the first day, God said, “Let there be light!”, and there was light. But God waited until the third day to make the sun. So what lit the earth for the first two days? When it’s zero degrees outside and the forecast for the next day says it will be twice as cold, what will be the temperature? When a fly lands on the ceiling, when is he upside down? And where does the colour white go when the snow melts? These are the childishly poetic questions Antonin Comestaz definitely does not want to answer in For all we know.

29 May 2019

For a new work by Zahira Suliman for the Korzo/NDT program Here we live and now, we are looking for dancers that are grounded and dynamic, who have a strong spatial awareness and are able to work in an instinctive manner with a great attention for detail. Zahira would like to work with people who have a strong researching attitude, who are fully engaged within both explosive as well as minimal movement tasks.

The audition is for professionals and interns (m/f).


date Sunday 26 May 2019
time 11:00 - 16:00h
location Korzo theatre, Prinsestraat 42, Den Haag

rehearsal period 1 29 August - 2 September 2019
rehearsal period 2 21 October - 11 November 2019
montage and shows 11 - 23 November 2019


If you are interested to join, please send your short motivation, CV and video to auditionszahira[@] Deadline application: 15 May 2019.


Zahira Suliman graduated from Codarts in 2016. Since the age of 17 she was associated with Korzo where she worked with various creatives and created her exam choreography Disinhibitionalism for Crosstown. She was nominated in 2016 for the Haagse Piket Kunstprijzen in the category dance. For the CaDance Festival 2019 she created the solo Recall for the location project 4x4: My Story. A solo about what we forgot, but what our body remembered. Because of her choreographic talent Korzo invited her for the program Here we live and now where up-and-coming choreographers from The Hague create a short performance.

Zahira is fascinated by the sincerity of dance as pure language that goes beyond words. Energy and intention are defining qualities for her during the creative process of a performance. In her performances, Zahira strives for the creation of question marks, without giving answers.

08 May 2019

Due to illness of Jan Martens, the performance of All there is on Sunday, 28 April will be cancelled. Ticket buyers will be contacted personally.

For questions, please contact Korzo via +31 (0)70 363 7540.

25 Apr 2019

Due to illness of Jan Martens, the performance of All there is on Sunday, 28 April will be cancelled. Ticket buyers will be contacted personally.

For questions, please contact Korzo via +31 (0)70 363 7540.

25 Apr 2019

Unfortunately the performances of INNA on 31 May and 1 June have been cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control. We will try to reschedule, but at this time it is uncertain if this is possible. Tickets will be refunded; our box office will get in touch with you.

02 Apr 2019


INNA - Stunning and mysterious opera written and directed by Dean Blunt and with music by Mica Levi

The London based musician and conceptual artist Dean Blunt and musician and composer Mica Levi created and premiered INNA in ICA in London in October 2017. In May 2019 Dean Blunt and Mica Levi will develop the work during a residency undertaken at Korzo. The opera will be presented in Korzo on May 31st and June 1st.

“Cause anything's possible
Oh anything is possible”

Dean Blunt is an artist based in London. He is known for his solo work, as well as collaborations with others including as Hype Williams, Babyfather and Graffiti Island. He has released the albums The Narcissist II (2012), The Redeemer (2013) and Black Metal (2014); and has had solo exhibitions at [ SPACE ], London (2014), Arcadia Missa, London (2016) and Cubitt Gallery, London (2016). He has produced theatre works including The Narcissist at HAU1, Berlin (2012), Lord Knows at Le Romandie, Lausanne (2013); I’m Just Passin Thru To Show Some Love (2013) and Urban (2014), both at the ICA, London.

Mica Levi is a musician and composer based in London. She formed the band Micachu and The Shapes in 2008, releasing albums Jewellery (2009); Chopped & Screwed (2010); Never (2012); and Good Happy Sad Bad (2015). Levi has written and produced film scores for Under the Skin (2013) directed by Jonathan Glazer; Jackie (2016) directed by Pablo Larraín and Monos (2018) directed by Alejandro Landes (2018), for which she was nominated for an Academy award.  

20 Feb 2019

Compagnia Zappalà Danza is looking for male and female dancers for the new creation by Roberto Zappalà which will be premiered in June 2019. The contract runs from April 2019 with the possibility to renew it. Strong classical and contemporary technique is required. Auditions will be held in London, Rome, Barcelona, Berlin, Milan and The Hague between December 2018 and January 2019, by invitation only. The applicants should register online on the website

The audition in The Hague is on 31 January at Korzo.

08 Nov 2018

Kalpanarts and Korzo facilitates donations to The Hunger Project via the performance Superhuman: Our Inner Darkness. This international NGO works in 22 countries on a sustainable end to chronic hunger.

Kalpana Raghuraman recognizes the 'super powers' of the people with whom she works. The Hunger Project uses the same method and puts local village council members in their power to contribute effectively to a future without hunger and poverty. This is also the case in India, where women are the key to making a sustainable end to chronic hunger. Since 2000, The Hunger Project has already supported 175,000 women village council members in India through their leadership program Odisha's 100 - or rather: Superhumans - during their 5-year election period.

The theme of the performance Superhuman: Our Inner Darkness and the working method of Kalpana matches beautifully with the work of The Hunger Project. That is why Kalpanarts starts a donation fund in collaboration with the theaters, where you can donate to The Hunger Project. Donations can be as little as 1 Euro.

Superhuman: Our Inner Darkness

Kalpana grew up in the Netherlands in an Indian family. As a little girl she devoured many Indian mythological comic strips, in which to her surprise good and bad characters were less one-sided than in Western culture. A superhero could also be bad. This openness about the inner darkness that lies within all of us fascinates Kalpana. In Superhuman: Our Inner Darkness she creates a new superhero through a symbiosis of Indian dance, contemporary dance, music composed by Simone Giacomini and live vocals of Lotta Sophie Bakker. A hero who also dares to show the inner darkness, a superhuman.

Friday 2 (premiere) and Saturday 3 November. Read more and order tickets.

Odisha's 100

Odisha's 100 is a network that makes itself strong for female leaders in India. A group where 100 special and passionate Dutch women come together. Who want to change the world together and invest in a clear goal: an end to hunger in Odisha, India. How? By supporting female village council members in their political term. A silent revolution is taking place in India: tens of thousands of female village council members in the countryside pull their village out of deep poverty. On their own, they already move mountains, but together they cannot be stopped. What can we learn in the Netherlands from these unlikely leaders? And what can we do to make their success inescapable?

25 Oct 2018

Today Korzo announces the first performances of the India Dance Festival 2018. The festival that has become one of the leading European events for Indian Dance, is expanding with new festival locations in The Hague and a tour of the opera Satyagraha.

From 19 October thru 3 November, the melting pot for traditional and contemporary Indian dance presents a notably diverse program including world premieres, up-and-coming talent from the Netherlands and performances by Indian dance makers rarely if ever seen in the Netherlands. An example is the major production Thari-The Loom by Indian dance icon Malavika Sarukkai; the Indian Bharatanayam star Rukmini Vijayakumar will be in The Hague with new work developed during her residence at Korzo. Kalpana Raghuraman from the Netherlands premieres her latest multidisciplinary performance Superhuman: Our Darkness. In addition, the India Dance Festival will also be enriched with concerts by musicians such as harpist Lavinia Meyer and tabla player Heiko Dijker; a workshop program, a conference for the Indian dance community in the Netherlands and dance films.

Ticket sales for the first performances start on Wednesday, 6 June at noon.

Early bird tickets

From Wednesday, 6 June noon until Wednesday, 13 June noon, you can buy early bird tickets for the performance of Rukmini Vijayakumar on Friday, 26 October. You will receive 50% discount on every 2nd ticket and pay € 27,- (online € 24,-) for two tickets. Order here (via the Dutch website).

A passe-partout for the whole festival is available for € 50,- (normal price € 55,-). Order.

Bharatanatyam Weekend Intensive

Rukmini Vijakumar will be giving two Weekend Intensives during her residence. The first weekend already took place in May 2018. The second weekend is scheduled for 6 and 7 October. More information & tickets.

Check out more information on

06 Jun 2018


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