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"Is that all there is?" asks the singer Peggy Lee in her famous song about what really matters in life. Her consluion: "If that's all there is, my friend, then let's keep dancing..." And that is exactly what happens in All there is, the dance program on the Sunday afternoon. Where not so much the choreography or the concept, but the performer is in the center of attention. This series shows the dancer as a kaleidoscope: a seemingly simple tool, but able to change the view of reality with every turn, as a poetic ode to fluidity and wonder in life. Each program is a one-time event and productions from abroad are often presented that are not performed elsewhere in the Netherlands.

Third dance for free!
This season you get your third visit to All there is for free. Get the All there is dance card at the box office, go to two performances and get your third for free. More info and conditions.

New cirque is taking The Netherlands by storm. We meet artists that fearlessly create performance that are more than virtuous acts.

Music, dance, mime and theatre each play a unique role. Korzo closely follows the developments with Cirque Mania. Recommended for cultural connoisseurs as well as families with children!

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Cirque Mania #7
Friday 22 to Sunday 24 March 2019

In ten years the Festival Dag in De Branding has grown to become one of the leading festivals for new music in The Netherlands. Four times a year Dag in de Branding organises a one-day program in different locations throughout The Hague. The festival showcases current developments in classical and improvised music, musical theatre, jazz and pop music, opera and electronica.

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A festival of sonic escape

Musical Utopias is a festival gathering music-makers and artists across multiple genres, all of whom strive to build new worlds in their work, daring to step into the unknown in their process of creation. A project of Ensemble Klang, it marks 15 years of their existence, and while assembling some of the group’s key artistic collaborators it looks optimistically to the future.

It opens on Thursday 20 Dec with the world premiere of Peter Adriaansz’s brand new evening-length work Environments. International guests on Friday bring American free jazz and minimalism in an evening provoking awareness and change, including works by Julius Eastman and a new work by Keir Neuringer. Saturday brings nine-hours of music of trance and transcendence with acts ranging through contemporary, pop, electronica, rock, classical, dance, and music theatre: 9x13, Julia Wolfe, Knalpot, Michael Gordon, Astrid Boons and much much more. Running throughout the whole festival are videos and installations.

The Hague music festival Rewire and dance and music podium Korzo are working together to organize five dynamic evenings that feature new music. Various international artists and deejays will be invited to give a performance in Korzo. With the concert series Rewire and Korzo are committed to develop and promote adventurous music and related (stage) art. Both organizations are true advocates of contemporary music and find common ground in the ambition to achieve the biggest possible impact with the audience and artists.

REWIRE x KORZO is made possible by a contribution from Fonds21.

We Are Public is the new art and culture community. Join us for €15 a month and get free access to an exciting selection of daily events at over 100 cultural venues across Amsterdam, The Hague, North Brabant, Haarlem, Leiden and Delft. Theatre, dance, music, film, opera, literature and visual arts, you name it. Hand-picked by our independent team of curators.


Make sure to always check to purchase tickets. Due to the limited amount of tickets it is obligatory to make a reservation. Did you already make a reservation? Then make sure you pick up your tickets at least 45 minutes before the start of a show at Korzo. After, all the reservations will be terminated. 

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