Amos Ben-Tal

Israeli-Dutch choreographer Amos Ben-Tal (Haifa, 1979) started dancing at the age of thirteen in various schools in Israel and completed his training in 1997 at The National Ballet School in Toronto, Canada. In The Netherlands he danced at Nederlands Dans Theater for nine years. At NDT he developed his passion for choreography. In 2005 his first piece Track premiered which was hailed as ‘an exhilarating theatrical experience’ by Dance Europe magazine. Since 2012 he is creating his choreographies in collaboration with his collective OFFprojects.

OFFprojects is a group consisting of former dancers of Nederlands Dans Theater and Batsheva Ensemble, gathered around the work of choreographer and musician Amos Ben-Tal. The group creates multi-disciplinary performances and events using dance, music, text and image and is known for their ‘out of the box’ approach to dance and exceptional performing skills. Their first full-evening production OFFline (2014) received rave reviews and was soon followed by the five star reviewed performance Might (2015). For HOWL (2017) the collective received the Dioraphte Dance Prize 2016. Next to dancing, all members of the group have a secondary expertise, resulting in every aspect of the production being done in-house and forming part of a conceptual whole. OFFprojects consists of Amos Ben-Tal (dance, choreography, text, music) Aurélie Cayla (dance, educational activities), Yvan Dubreuil (dance, dramaturgy) and Milena Twiehaus (dance, video, imagery).


60 is a unique collaboration between choreographer Amos Ben-Tal, his dancer-collective OFFprojects and dance-company ICKamsterdam. Together they take the audience on a meditative journey that reflects on the social constructs and personal experience of time. Through movement, sound, light and words, Ben-Tal and the dancers skilfully deconstruct the concept of time. Sixty minutes where one shares moments of stillness, pressure, hope and desire, exploring the structure of time and its mysteries.

Amos Ben-Tal’s dance collective OFFprojects is known for its multidisciplinary performances and exceptional performing-qualities. After several successful productions in smaller venues, amongst which Howl (winner Dioraphte Dance Prize 2016), the company is now creating their first performance for the big stage in an exciting collaboration with the top dancers of ICK Amsterdam.

Since 2018 OFFprojects is artist-in-residence at ICK Amsterdam. ICK Amsterdam, under the direction of Emio Greco & Pieter C. Scholten, is a platform for contemporary dance in Amsterdam that produces international dance productions, collaborates with guest artists and initiates several research and education projects.

Choreographer and musician Amos Ben-Tal and his collective OFFprojects are known for their multi-disciplinary performances, events, and installations. Their out-of-the-box mentality resulted in unique projects such as the talkshow/concert/dance performance Howl that they made with poet Spinvis. The ingenious performance installation Seconds is part of the larger project 60, where OFFprojects delves into the man-made concept of time. In small groups, the audience enters Club Korzo, which is divided in smaller spaces. Each space contains its own movement and stands for a new encounter. But time is restricted and you are forced to choose. Together with the others you decide within 15 minutes how to experience Seconds.

From July 30 to August 4, choreographer Amos Ben-Tal and his collective OFFprojects organize a unique workshop in Korzo Theater, The Hague. The workshop is dedicated to OFFprojects’ new production 60. Parallel to the creation OFFprojects offers dance students and professionals the opportunity to step into the process and experience the working methods and movement material of Amos and his dancers.

Every day will be packed with new physical experiences, reflection and discussion. Interested? Apply now. For more information see the Facebook event.

The Hague, city of dance! Korzo and Nederlands Dans Theater celebrate with Here we live and now the wealth of dance talent this city possesses. Up-and-coming choreographers are invited to create a short performance. Antonin Comestaz, Amos Ben-Tal and Antonin Rioche together present their new pieces during this varied dance event. In Club Korzo you can experience a performance installation by the recently graduated artist Greta Facchinato. Let yourself be surprised by the artists and indulge yourself with the wealth of dance from The Hague.

Too Wonderful – Amos Ben-Tal/OFFprojects with ICKamsterdam
Aimless – Dimo Milev
paper cuts in an empty bag – Peter Chu
Bending the Walls – Fernando Hernando Magadan

After the success of its first edition, Nederlands Dans Theater (NDT) and Korzo return with Shortcuts XL this season: a program in which young makers get the opportunity to show their work on a big stage. Successful choreographers are being encouraged and supported both technically and artistically in this collaboration between NDT and Korzo. The result is a full-length performance, filled with talent.

Choreographer and musician Amos Ben-Tal (Israel) presents his short and energetic creation Too Wonderful (2016). The work combines electronic music, abstract poetry and the precise and surprising movement language which is the signature of his collective OFFprojects. Especially for Shortcuts XL, Ben-Tal will enlarge the cast with dancers of ICKamsterdam.

Also, you will see the organic and intimate duet Aimless (2013) by choreographer Dimo Milev (Bulgaria): “Aimless recreates those moments when it doesn’t matter where you go to, but rather who you go with…” For this piece, Milev won the International Competition for Choreography Burgos and New York in 2013.

In paper cuts in an empty bag, Peter Chu (United States) plays with our curiosity. Bodies groove through fragmented paper sounds, representing the responsibilities we carry during divided times, in his creation. A piece that reminds us to connect with one another during times where our frame of reference and point of view begin to change.

Finally, Fernando Hernando Magadan (Spanje) presents a fragment from Bending the Walls (2018), a piece about the human desire for happiness. Magadan is inspired by the incredible courage and resilience that people show under extreme pressure. Therewith, dance becomes a metaphor for the psychological, physical and emotional forces that we can address to withstand the pressures of life and continue our incessant quest for happiness.

After the success of their last production HOWL choreographer/musician Amos Ben-Tal and his collective OFFprojects are back in Korzo with an exclusive one-time-only event: Just Once. Just Once is a triple bill program of dance and music that celebrates OFFprojects' out-of-the-box approach in a diverse way. On this evening three multi-disciplinary trios will be presented that span the full range of Amos' creative works while also looking back at his 10-year association with Korzo.

Kicking off the evening is a remounting of Ziggurat from 2007. This short piece was the first work Amos made at Korzo after leaving his dance career at Nederlands Dans Theater. Ziggurat is a striking and poetic piece that set forth Amos' fascination with the crossroads between dance, text and music.

Sneak Preview
The second part of the program is a sneak preview of OFFprojects' new creation 60 that will be premiered in full later in 2019. In this new project the collective is examining the human experience of time. The excerpt shown during Just Once is a trio for dancers Milena Twiehaus, Aurélie Cayla and Genevieve Osborne. 

The last part of the evening will be Amos' own indierock band Noblesse. The three-piece will be presenting new songs for the first time since the release of their last album NOTHINGISANYTHING in 2015.

Jong Korzo’s successful youth program Crosstown offers young people from the age of 14 the chance to discover and develop their creative dance ambitions under professional supervision. The most talented dancers of Crosstown III work at the highest level together with professional choreographers. This year the honour falls to modern dance choreographer Amos Ben-Tal and urban newcomer Donna Chittick. The group dynamic is a point of departure for both dance makers for their creations.

Donna Chittick closely examines the choices we make (together). Do you choose for yourself or do you make choices in a group? And when are you stronger?

Amos Ben-Tal challenges the dancers to learn his complex movement language and at the same time to work on improvisation assignments. While they find their way through the choreography they will need to be physically and mentally alert, but above all they will have to trust each other.

Amos Ben-Tal and his collective OFFprojects open up the studio one time to show a rehearsal of the Pictures of Things performance which he is creating with thirteen participants from the Monday Movement Class. Do you want an exclusive look behind the scenes? Reservations can be made by clicking on the reservation button. 


"Sometimes I'm so inspired that I lie awake in bed till two in the morning!"

A colorful collection of thirteen dance enthusiasts from various corners of the world gets together at the Monday Movement Class in Korzo. Working with the various choreographers during the weekly open classes leaves a subtle but lasting trace on their lives. On the participant's own initiative, this inspiration will now be given form by delving into a creative process with one single choreographer. The group chose Amos Ben-Tal, who together with his collective OFFprojects will create the interdisciplinary performance Pictures Of Things with and for them. An ode to all the little decisions and encounters that shape our lives and identities. 

Amos Ben-Tal established OFFprojects in 2012. This collective, consisting of former dancers of Nederlands Dans Theater, presents live events compelling to the audience. Might is not just an ordinary performance. At the 2013 Museumnacht a part was performed in the cellars of the former The Hague City Hall and now it premieres as a full-length theatre performance. The audience moves around on stage amidst a labyrinth of walls and screens. The space changes and reveals and conceals the phenomenal performers. Each spectator experiences his or her own performance with personal encounters. A dazzling and sensual trip, where we can refresh ourselves with a soft intimacy.

Following the success of their video-installation for the last CaDance Festival, the collective OFF Projects return to the Club Korzo as an extension of Here We Live And Now. In this new project the OFF team let words speak for themselves, creating a space where poetry and the audience’s senses can interact.

Write OFF can be visited for free on all nights of Here We Live And Now (except Friday, 22 November). On Saturday, 23 November after the performance the installation will be accompanied by live music.

OFF projects is a new group formed around choreographer Amos Ben-Tal, consisting of former dancers of the world famous Nederlands Dans Theater. The group works together with various disciplines to create a complete experience for the public.

For the last CaDance Festival OFF Projects created the atmospheric music and video installation Take 1/OFF in Club Korzo, during which choreographer and musician Amos Ben-Tal played a short impromptu concert with American cellist Chris Lancaster - a little gem still often talked about in the corridors of Korzo.

Tonight Amos and OFF Projects have the pleasure of hosting Chris again, toegther with his partner Alison, collectively known as the band Huff This!. They will present heartfelt songs and broken poetry, while accompanied by a "remixed" version of OFF Projects' video art from CaDance. 

OFF This! starts after the première of Trilogy Project by Random Collision.

In these hectic times when digital transactions outnumber personal ones, OFF Projects invites you to go OFFLINE. Rediscover the analogue, the tangible, and the human. Experience how a choreography is created before your eyes, meet the person behind the dancer, dream away with songs by the highly-praised singer-songwriter Dyzack and meanwhile enjoy a drink and conversation with the artists in these inspiring surroundings.
OFF Projects is a brand-new group around Amos Ben-Tal, consisting of former dancers from the famous Netherlands Dance Theatre. They work with various disciplines to create a complete experience for the audience.

The new platform OFF Projects takes over Korzo. OFF Projects is a collective led by choreograph and musician Amos Ben-Tal, and presents raw and intense multidisciplinary works. During the festival, OFF Projects transforms Club Korzo into a walk-in installation. Before and after the performance, you are invited, drinks in hand, to enter this microcosmos filled with images, poetry, and music. On Friday evenings the installation comes to life and Take1/OFF Live can begin. Various bands enchant Korzo with their atmospheric and poetic sounds.

Line-up TAKE 1/OFF Live
January 25, 22:00:
Amos with special guest Chris Lancaster (US) - acoustic
Loyu - electronic/glitch/vocal
February 1, 22:30:
Léon (FR) - abstract hip-hop
February 8, 22:00:
Noblesse - indie rock
Say Yes Dog - organic electro

For years, the Netherlands has been at the forefront internationally when it comes to the  infrastructure of dance. But since the recent deep budget cuts in the arts, this position has come under threat. That what has been so carefully built up in the course of many years is now at risk.

Far away from the Netherlands, in Lithuania, a battle is also being fought for the existence of dance. The difference here is that modern dance in Lithuania had to develop from nothing after 1989. A few pioneers have accepted the challenge to try to interest a large potential audience for this ‘new’ art form. And they do so with great of success.
Korzo started an interesting collaboration with three Lithuanian partners: dance center Arts Printing House in Vilnius and dance companies Aura Dance Company in Kaunas and Fish Eye in Klaipėda. The three choreographers from The Hague, Amos Ben-Tal and Jérôme Meyer & Isabelle Chaffaud have worked in Lithuania. Lithuanian choreographers Loreta Juodkaité and Ruta Butkus have worked at Korzo. The aim is to inspire and challenge each other in making new artistic creations that break with the conventions of the home audience. In Crossing Lithuania they present four new groundbreaking pieces that literally cross borders.  

Jérôme Meyer & Isabelle Chaffaud
3 W(o)men
There once was a mighty king who reigned over a kingdom where the sun never set; his name was Mighty Rooster. When he died all his feathers were removed and spread all over his kingdom.
In the Arts Printing House in Vilnius Jérôme Meyer & Isabelle Chaffaud created a piece for three Lithuanian dancers. Inspired by their various personalities, a work started to take shape, which highlights the masculine and feminine aspects of these three performers. Jérôme Meyer & Isabelle Chaffaud have been working as choreographers with great success since 2002. They work regularly as guest choreographers with companies such as Introdans, Dance Works Rotterdam, and the Ballet du Grand Theâtre de Genève.

Amos Ben-Tal

Kill the Victor
64 square-meters, a box in a box, 2 females, 1 male, glistening skin, shiny metal, a pulse, a voice, a word. Now what?
Amos Ben-Tal created the piece Kill the Victor as a commission for the Aura Dance Company. After his dancing career with the Nederlands Dans Theater, Amos Ben-Tal made a number of successful productions with Korzo. From an early age Ben-Tal has been involved in music. He makes use of this in his work, as composer, producer, and as singer/guitarist with his alternative rock band Noblesse.

Ruta Butkus
Lost Eyes
The Lithuanian choreographer and actress Ruta Butkus and dramaturge Ingrida Gerbutavičiute worked together during their stay in The Hague with Croatian dancer Irena Misirlić and Konrad Szymański from Poland. The dance performance Lost Eyes is about the inner wanderings of a human being. She gives an ironic view of our daily lives in a manner that is stimulating. Here, man nestles in his own little world, full of standards of honesty, duty, and kindness, though ever further removed from his own Nature (lust, life)...

Loreta Juodkaité
Loreta Juodkaité is probably the most well-known choreographer in Lithuania. She is one of few in Lithuania who has made the leap to the international dance scene. Juodkaité presents her own work abroad and is also a high-profile dancer with French choreographer Rachid Ouramdane. For Crossing Lithuania, she worked together with Japanese choreographer and dancer Kenzo Kusuda. The difference between these two breathtaking performers could hardly be greater. Juodkaité is strong, fierce, and has an explosive energy; Kusuda, is a master of subtle dance poetry. Together they tell a story of the gifts of life, which are there only for those who open their eyes to see.

Pay What You Want on Wednesday 26 of September
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The world famous Nederlands Dans Theater is a cradle of many choreographic talent. Three of these talents tour the theatres toghether with DansClick 14.

Kick the Bucket - Iván Pérez | Korzo producties
The Spanish Iván Pérez was till last season attached to the Nederlands Dans Theater as a dancer, where he was given opportunities to further develop his talents in choreography. He was asked twice by the artistic director of the NDT to create a piece for the company. At Korzo he created the beautiful duet Kick the Bucket revolving around the question if we are we strong and sensitive enough to get the most out of life?

The New Work - Amos Ben-Tal | Korzo producties
Israeli Amos Ben-Tal has made an impressive start as choreographer and musician. After his dance career at the NDT he created several productions for Korzo, including a live choreography performance with his band Noblesse. Amos surprised everyone at the CaDance Festival 2011 with his latest project The New Work in which he researches the idea of "live choreography". This form of choreography ensures that no two performances are alike and often leads to exciting and unexpected results.

Today Your Black Shoes Are Grey - Marina Mascarell | Korzo producties
The also Spanish Marina Mascarell danced for the NDT I and II till last season. She gained much experience in choreography in the choreography workshops and created works for CaDance Festival in The Hague and the Scapino Ballet Rotterdam. The poetic piece Today Your Black Shoes Are Grey has been growing in Marina's mind for a long time. What you see tonight is a brief summary of the ravages of greed in human beings and their surroundings, in a world that remains the same as before. 

The New Work is an ongoing project by choreographer and musician Amos Ben-Tal. Amos seeks to create a dynamic micro-cosmos with its own unique physical rules and language, and then lets his dancers free to explore and interact with this environment. This form of "live choreography" ensures that no two performances are alike and often leads to exciting and unexpected results.

Amos Ben-Tal was born in Israel in 1979 and danced at Nederlands Dans Theater for nine years. It was also at the NDT where he developed his passion for choreography and was eventually invited to create a work for NDT1 (Track) as part of the first Upcoming Choreographers program. In 2006 Amos left the company to focus entirely on his own work and has since created works for Korzo producties and the festivals such as CaDance and Holland Dance. Aside from choreography Amos is also a musician: he composes the music for all his works and also fronts the alternative rock band Noblesse.

An electrifying contrast of two kindred spirits, searching in their own dance-idiom… the duo formed by Amos-Ben Tal and Kenzo Kusuda has it all. They have never worked together, nor have they ever met, on stage or off. In the run-up to the CaDance festival 2006 they suddenly found themselves together in the studio assigned to make and dance a new choreography. A challenge in which their intuition will be an important guide.

Tangent shows two people feeling out each other, finding each other or letting go. Tangent refers to the point, or rather the situation in which someone suddenly changes course. This is visualised by a curve that touches a straight diagonal and then turns off in another direction.

Amos Ben-Tal and Kenzo Kusuda examine this process more closely in their choreography. They compare it to waking up together; waking up from a world that is exclusive and personal, unknown to the other, they sound out the space around them, they meet and their two worlds merge for a moment

Every single day, every single one of us takes part in the building of a tower …
The tower. Our tower…
But no matter how tall the tower is, how beautiful or complex, it nevertheless kills everything around it.

With his production Ziggurat, Amos Ben-Tal grasped the opportunity to go a step further in his explorations of how music, text, and movement can help us to understand more about ourselves. The actrice and dancer Andi Schermoly, and befriended musician Henk Koorn (known from Hallo Venray, The Abba’s, and producer of Noblesse) assisted him in his choreography Ziggurat.

Two former dancers of the Nederlands Dans Theater share this double bill. Both have shifted their ambition to the field of choreography.

New Work
In New Work, Ben-Tal continues his exploration of dance performances as ‘living’ events. Rehearsed movements are combined with a great degree of freedom for the performers. This form of live choreography emphasizes the here and now of the performance.

The exclamation sacre bleu is an expression of anger, of disgust, or of surprise. The performance, however, is soft and intimate. With supreme control of the body and flailing limbs, Novotná attempts to fathom her own dance language. The result is an intangible performance in which curiosity hangs in the air.

Talk & Show
Sat 19 Feb, 18:30 Herman likes this – Theater aan het Spui

New Work & Sacreblue are also part of:
Thu 17 Feb, package deal Taste New Talent


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