André Gingras

André Gingras enters the boxing arena with The Sweet Art of Bruising: his fascination for the extreme physicality of the sport, the unambiguous struggle for victory and the passion of the fans is translated into a socially informed performance about ‘the Other’ in society. Gingras explores the elementary motives of our fears, our anger, and our pain. The beauty of rage and our most ridiculous punch drunk humanity are points of departure of this new work. Who are our rivals? How do we deal with them? Based on the structure of a boxing match, Gingras creates a choreography where he uses movements from boxing to make a new dance language, “Boxing, fierce but poetic, carries the essence of a powerful dance and theatre spectacle: extremely physical, with pathos, tense relationships, and humour and tragedy."

Anatomica is the first main auditorium performance by the new artistic director of Dance Works Rotterdam, André Gingras. Anatomica is an explosive dance performance in which twelve dancers show the most extraordinary possibilities and profound vulnerability of the human body with breathtaking jumps. In his newest work for this series, Anatomica#1, Gingras utilizes a contemporary dance language fused with explosive free running, coupled with his signature high-octane partnering.

In Anatomica#1, Gingras asks the question: why is there a drive towards display? He returns to our core: the animal kingdom (which man is a part of!), is rife with images of display, particularly focused around courtship ritual and sexual attraction. Anatomica#1 exposes our behavior in the throes of attraction: the physical extremes of sexual competition, romance and our most desperate, ridiculous behavior to please another. How far will we go in our efforts to seduce and who wins in the end?

Anatomica#3 investigates the objectification and virtuosity of the body. In contemporary society, our bodies have become sites of display; consumed by the media as role models, supermodels, museum exhibits and MTV “Made” victims. Our bodies have become objectified, pimped up and rendered meaningless. Nonetheless, the body still surprises us. It reappears in its most personal and inspiring of forms; a subject that displays its most extraordinary abilities and a profound fragility. In the excess of display, how low can we sink and how high can we fly?

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