Anima Jhagroe - Ruissen

Anima Jhagroe-Ruissen is a dancer from the Netherlands with a mission: the enhancement, development, and presentation of the North Indian dance Kathak. She presents two pieces with two artists. In Swayam Khoj, Anima collaborates with Odissi dancer Jaya Mehta. They shall present the premiere of original English poetry compositions through Odissi and Kathak duets. Jaya Mehta also illustrates the Hanuman Chalisa through her rich Odissi abhinaya. See the depiction of Swayam in the beautiful sculpture of the Konark temple in Orissa, explore Swayam in the rhythms of the universe and connect Swayam with the everyday. In the contemporary dance composition Nerve, Anima and performer Ferdy Karto search for the meaning of courage and passion. Like the vein of a leaf, like a vein through the body…Nerve, like the courage you need to follow your passion.

For beginners and intermediate dancers.

Lively and rhythmical: that’s the workshop by Anima Jhagroe - Ruissen. Kathak (North Indian classical dance) and Flamenco (Southern Spain) are brought together. The two styles are seen as belonging to the same family and are characterized by fast and impressive footwork performed in rhythmic dance phrases. But even in a family, there can be interesting differences… acquaint yourself with this challenging fusion.

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