Antonin Comestaz

The work of Antonin Comestaz (1980) features regularly at festivals abroad. High time indeed to introduce this Frenchman residing in the Netherlands to a broader audience in this country. His work displays a great sense of dynamics, space, energy, and musicality. Especially for DansClick, Antonin distils a favourite duet from Surface Image, a performance he created for 19 Codarts dancers, 40 speakers, and one pianist. Under a playful and humoristic surface, an ingenious and energetic pattern of solos and duets gleams. He employs his intimate, physical, and dancing language for a new duet that will fluctuate between tumultuousness and serenity.

The Hague, city of dance! Korzo and Nederlands Dans Theater celebrate with Here we live and now the wealth of dance talent this city possesses. Up-and-coming choreographers are invited to create a short performance. Antonin Comestaz, Amos Ben-Tal and Antonin Rioche together present their new pieces during this varied dance event. In Club Korzo you can experience a performance installation by the recently graduated artist Greta Facchinato. Let yourself be surprised by the artists and indulge yourself with the wealth of dance from The Hague.

Every Monday, something special happens in Korzo. Derived from a passion for dance and movement, amateurs and dance professionals meet each other during the Monday Movement Class. The synergy that arises between them is so inspiring that on the initiative of the participants in 2016 the first production was presented. The enthusiasm of both participants and audience was so great that a second edition was inevitable. This time, the French choreographer Antonin Comestaz has been chosen. In Welcome to (y)our life the participants go on a discovery tour to the dancer inside us. Without thinking about it, you organize your body daily through space and time. Unconsciously you make a choreography, you are a dancer.

The passionate students of the Modern Theatre Dance department from Amsterdam are challenged to push the limits of their physical and creative capacities as well as their dance-theatrical personalities. Bold in Motion is a collaboration of leading choreographers and up-and-coming dance talent in a varied program with four performances in one production. With this year in creations by Astrid Boons, Serge Arthur DODO, Antonin Comestaz and Daniele Ninarello.

Astrid Boons danced with Dansgroep Amsterdam and Nederlands Dans Theater 2 before joining the GöteborgsOperans Danskompani in 2013. Here she made her first choreographic work. Since 2016 she is associated with Korzo and has won many awards. Together with some of the third year students, she will create a new production

Daniele Ninarello will work with the rest of the third year students. He has worked with various international choreographers such as Bruno Listopad, Felix Ruckert, and Vergilio Sieni. Since 2007, he has presented his work as a choreographer internationally.

Serge Arthur Dodo from Ivory Coast has danced with artists such as Harold van Buuren (South Afrika) and Gabi Glinz (Switzerland). He is the choreographer of his own company King’Art with which he operates internationally. This year he works together with the first year students of the Modern theatre dance department on a new production.

Antonin Comestaz from France will get to work with the second year students. Comestaz has been active as a choreographer, with Korzo and elsewhere since 2013, after a successful career as a dancer with major dance companies. He has won many awards.

During this jubilee edition, Korzo and the BNG Culture Fund present the winners of the BNG Bank Dance Prize 2018. The work of Frenchman Antonin Comestaz displays a great sense of dynamics, space, energy, and musicality. Especially for DansClick, Antonin distils a favourite phrase from Surface Image - a performance he created for 19 Codarts dancers, 40 speakers, and one pianist – and uses this for a new duet. In the grim trio Essential Rights, Fernando Troya reveals a world where there’s much to be fought for. Kim-Jomi Fischer & Marta Alstadsæter field question if they create circus or dance with a soft, flowing and sculptural play with power, balance and proportion, and everything within that description that can fly and can be hung off balance. ENGEL is inspired by the poem by Toon Tellegen. The multiple-bill program will be accompanied by introductory video portraits and an Après Danse where the public can enjoy drinks and talk with choreographers and dancers. DansClick offers ‘a delicious sampler of choreographic talent’,

Korzo and Nederlands Dans Theater present the newest burgeoning talent from home and abroad at the yearly dance festival Voorjaarsontwaken. Korzo and NDT go scouting in dance workshops, studios, and dance companies throughout the country. The most remarkable, brand-new dance performances are combined to a varied evening’s program.

This 20th anniversary edition features two premieres: Lapse van circustalent Camiel Corneille and On Hold by choreographer Ryan Djojokarso. Furthermore, the duet Breakaway by Ema Yuasa & Kenta Kojiri and Then, Before, Now, Once more by Antonin Comestaz are programmed. 

The buzz that The Hague is dancing is not new. Throughout the year, The Hague is a breeding ground for fresh dance talent, the melting pot for local and international dance professionals, and the place to be for important premières. With the dance event Here we live and now, Korzo and Nederlands Dans Theater celebrate the wealth of choreographic talent in this city.

For the 2014 edition, Wubkje Kuindersma, Fernando Hernando Magadan, Antonin Comestaz, and Rutkay Özpinar have been invited to make a short piece and present it as part of a full-length program.

Come and discover the unique electro sound of this three-piece underground band. Who are they? What do they do? Let them guide you into their surprising world of absurd fantasy, contradictions and irony.

Antonin Comestaz (Paris, 1980) completed his dance training at the Ballet School of the Paris Opera. Since 2000 he has been pursuing a career as a dancer with Paris Opera, The Hamburg Ballet.T.T.M (Tanz Theater München), Ballet Mainz, and Scapino Ballet Rotterdam. Furthermore, Antonin has developed a passion for other art mediums: drawing, choreography, dance film, and musical composition. He started an autodidactic process of experimentation with sound design and composition using computers and live recording. He has presently produced several music pieces and currently focuses on developing his own work as a freelance choreographer and musician. In 2008, his piece Flesh and Blood was selected for the Choreographic Competition Hanover. With his solo SHE (2010), he won several prices at the Internationales Solo Tans Theater Festival.

With this yearly dance event Voorjaarsontwaken, Korzo lets in the fresh air by flinging the doors wide of the theatre for burgeoning choreographic talent. Korzo is always on the lookout for young talented dance makers for this program in the studios of production houses, workshops, and with companies elsewhere in the country. The most noteworthy pieces are combined into a varied program in which everyone can discover their favourite talent.

Pay What You Want, 1 May
The première of Voorjaarsontwaken is celebrated with the successfull Pay What You Want concept. Decide for yourself what you pay for the performance afterwards. Due to great interest, we recommend to reserve your ticket(s) by phone 070-3637540 or e-mail

Spring buffet, 2 & 3 May /  from 18:00
Join us for a lovely Spring buffet before you enjoy the performances (only 30,- including the performance).

Tickets for the Voorjaarsbuffet of Thursday 2 May and Friday 3 May are no longer available online. If you would still like to attend the Voorjaarsbuffet, please call the Korzo box office tel. 070-3637540.

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