Astrid Boons

Belgian choreographer and dancer Astrid Boons started her career as a dancer at Dansgroep Amsterdam and NDT2, before she connected with GöteborgOperans Danskompani. It was here she made her first choreographic work. In 2016, she returned to the Netherlands, where she made a great impression during Here we live and now with the intense duet Rhizoma. The success of the piece was instant: together with Ryan Djojokarso and Sabine Molenaar, Astrid was awarded the BNG Bank Dance Prize 2017 and in the same year she won a Piket Art Prize for young, promising artists. In 2017, she created her second duet for Here we live and now: Vestige, which was equally well received by press and public.

The climax of Musical Utopias, Trance Night, brings a jam-packed festival evening of brand new dance, award-winning fado, maximal-minimalism, dreamy pop, head-banging rock, and metropolis-inspired electronica.

An ensemble of 23 musicians, featuring keyboards, electric guitars, percussion, saxophones, trumpets and trombones, perform Michael Gordon’s modern-day classic ‘Trance’. Imagine young Philip Glass meets Jimi Hendrix (according to one online reviewer) and be transported by the dance of overlapping rhythms and ecstatic harmony.

Astrid Boons brings a preview of her brand new dance work Fields in which dancers fuse with their surroundings. In this sensory performance, the dancers lose themselves as bodies, space and time seem to become transparent.

A Portuguese Soundtrack of Untold Stories
Winner of the Gouden Notekraker 2018 fado singer Magda Mendes combines with duo Attema Haring for a set of songs that parallel the landscape of central Portugal with our modern day mobility and migration.

Matthew Wright & Keir Neuringer
Matthew Wright and Keir Neuringer make heavenly music from the chatter, clutter and noise of the city.

Critically-acclaimed duo Knalpot are a long-time Ensemble Klang favourite, and some-time artistic collaborator. Celebrating the launch of their latest album ‘dierendag’ they bring their electrifying live set of ‘ultrarock’ that embraces electro, dub, ambient and jazz.

With DansClick, Korzo offers the public a wonderful introduction to the latest generation of dance makers. The multiple-bill program will be framed with introductory video portraits and an Après Danse where the audience can enjoy drinks and talk to the choreographers and dancers. The winners of the BNG Bank Dance Award present their work during the 19th edition of DansClick.

On Hold - Ryan Djojokarso
Ryan has caused surprise in previous years with a series of duets about a young, unmarried couple. On Hold is the third part of the series: a desperate, but loving attempt to get through to each other. With a physical sense of drama and a touch of humour, Ryan manages to translate familiar concerns into dance.

Rhizoma - Astrid Boons
Astrid Boons (1988) made a great impression in 2016 with the intense duet Rhizoma. Following the philosophical idea that existence can only be and only be perceived in coexistence with others (Jean-Luc Nancy), Astrid explores the impossibility of individual existence. Through glimpses of separation, incompleteness, influences and sensorial interaction, two dancers take us to a continuous flow of multiple transformations.

That’s it - Sabine Molenaar
Sabine Molenaar (1985) caused surprise in 2013 as a choreographer of the solo That’s it, which won various prizes. It was performed in Spain, Brazil, Korea, Austria, Canada, and elsewhere. Sabine roams through many layers of reality. She transforms into many seductive appearances until it becomes clear that nothing is really as it seems. Though That’s it is no longer performed, you can see this compelling solo once more in DansClick.

In Vestige, Astrid Boons creates an environment in which the body is emptied of its humanness. What is left is but a trace of its being. The body is searching in its own traces, it is trying to grasp what it was and what it is becoming; it is longing to find its humanness.

The Hague, city of dance! Korzo and Nederlands Dans Theater celebrate with Here we live and now the wealth of dance talent this city possesses. Up-and-coming choreographers are invited to create a short performance. Luca-Andrea Tessarini, Jiři Pokorný & Radim Vizvary and BNG Bank Dance Award winner Astrid Boons together present their new pieces during this varied dance event. Let yourself be surprised by the artists and indulge yourself with the wealth of dance from The Hague.

Following the philosophical idea that existence can only be and only be perceived in coexistence with others (Jean-Luc Nancy), Astrid Boons explores the impossibility of individual existence through glimpses of separation, incompleteness, influences and sensorial interaction between two dancers. Rhizoma represents being as continuous and multiple transformations, where there are no defined boundaries, where our personal identities have neither a beginning nor an ending.

The Hague, City of dance! It is thé place to meet new dance talent. With the yearly dance event Here we live and now, Korzo and Nederlands Dans Theater celebrate the wealth of choreographic talent in this city. Four dance makers from The Hague create new work that is presented in an exciting and versatile full-length program. Let yourself be surprised by creative artists and immerse yourself in the wealth that modern dance has to offer.

This year's edition features amongst others Celia Amade, Astrid Boons, and Menghan Lou.

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