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C-Scope, based in The Hague, is well known for its exciting interdisciplinary way of working, with choreographer and dancer Cora Bos-Kroese and photographer Joris-Jan Bos as initiators. Their new project LVMEN again promises to be an exciting confrontation and confluence of dance and live photography. But this time they work with no less than three generations of dancers from the Netherlands, and the Emanuele Soavi Incompany from Cologne. They look at themselves, are observed, and see each other. LVMEN confronts the human interior; the paralysing fears, the sense of pride, the dormant secrets, and the inevitable decay of old age. How does one’s sense of self-esteem change, as one’s body grows older? At the same time the dancers are caught by the eye of Joris-Jan’s camera, with which he captures the body and the inner dilemmas. 

Korzo is situated in the middle of the Hofkwartier; one of eight charismatic districts in the city center of The Hague. This place that oozes cultural history, with cozy nooks and crannies around every corner offers more than enough opportunities for an intimate dance project. CaDance invited five choreographers to make a performance suited to one of the hidden gems in this area. With no more than 24 other spectators, you will go visit all the performances and look the dance straight in the eye. For a moment you find yourself with the dancers in a totally different world, unseen by outsiders. Discover a new perspective on the city in this amazing guided tour.

The walking tours are accompanied by the guides of the Gilde Den Haag. The guides of the Gilde enjoy sharing their knowledge of the city with everyone who is interested. For more information go to

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