David Middendorp

David Middendorp began dancing at the Royal Conservatory at the age of 16. He soon felt a greater attraction towards Modern dance and changed to the Rotterdam Dance Academy. Here he won the Dansersfonds scholarship of ’79, which enabled him to study for three months at the Julliard School in New York. The company where Middendorp began his professional career was Introdans. Here he danced in works by choreographers such as Nils Christe, Ton Wiggers and Conny Janssen.

He went on to dance with the Saarländische Staats Ballet and the Ballet Theater Munich. His piece Dreamsketch, made in Munich was taken on the repertoire in 2005. With this last-mentioned company he created his first choreographies Bread-peace (2002) and Dreamsketch (2003) that was put on the repertoire in 2005.

In 2004, Middendorp returned to The Hague, where he presented a remake of his duet Breadpiece for Korzo productions in the program Four Steps Forward. His second choreography for Korzo productions, As it Fades (2004 CaDance Festival), was also conspicuous through Middendorp's ingenious combination of dance and technology. At the 2006 Voorjaarsontwaken Middendorp presented Kruimeldief (Dust Buster), his first choreography for the youth. In the fall of 2006, he was invited to participate in the first DansClick tour with this creation.

Introdans invited him in 2007 to rehearse his choreography Bread-peace with their youth ensemble for the tour program Fast Food. That same season, Middendorp was asked to design the sets and animations for the performance Murph! By Meekers Uitgesproken dans. In the fall, Middendorp created a new choreography for Introdans, Blue Journey (premiere October 2008), which was shown in the program Slapsticktrick.

In 2009 Middendorp, back on familiar ground in Korzo, presented the choreography 15 Minutes Universe at Korzo's mini dance festival Here we live and now. This piece was also shown at at events such as the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai, the Oerol Festival, and Lowlands 2009.

We know the landscape around us, don't we? The trees, cycle paths, dunes, and the beach. Until the hatch falls shut. With Flyland, choreographer and video animator David Middendorp creates a free fall experience past a Terschelling you've never seen before. The island comes to life anew. 

After a successful career with companies such as Introdans, the Saarländische Staats Ballet and BalletTheater München, David Middendorp created for the latter company his first choreographies Bread-piece (2002), and Dreamsketch (2003). In 2004 he returned to The Hague, and with the support of Korzo Productions, created numerous productions that were notable for their ingenious mixture of dance and technology. Last year in the RTL program Beat the Best he presented a special three-minute version of his piece Blue Journey under the alias of Back Journey. 

The two creatives in this Double Bill have an unorthodox perspective on dance. The work of David Middendorp always stands out because of his ingenious mixture of dance and technology. For Three Rooms however, he returns to the dance. He developed a choreographic method  whereby he gives input to the dancers through digital line drawings. In Three Rooms we follow two people in different stages of their lives. Conflicts dominate, the world pushes and pulls, they resist, but sometimes yield.

In the acrobatic fairy tale Turntable Tales, Swiss choreographer Melissa Ellberger searches for the subtle boundary between child and adult. Because each child carries an adult inside and in every adult a child resonates. Can we retain our candour? With an unusual combination of break dance, modern dance and acrobatics, Ellberger shows us a place where age limits fade.

The work of choreographer David Middendorp always stands out because of the ingenious mix of dance and technique. But for Three Rooms he completely reverts to dance as we follow two people in various stages of their lives. Conflict manipulates their existence. The world tugs and pushes. The dancers fight against these forces or allow themselves to be gradually taken along.

For Three Rooms David developed ‘Kandinsky’, a new choreographers technique that allows him to give input to the dancers through live drawings. He uses an iPad while choreographing to draw lines in a certain form, dynamic and rhythm. These lines manipulated the dance material during the making of the piece. You can watch a video about the 'Kandinsky' method of creation here.

Korzo opens the new dance season on 7 September with various acts and a delicious late night lounge setting. Following the performance of Föld on the Spuiplein, Korzo flings open its doors. Let yourself be surprised by previews of Melissa Ellberger’s acrobatic dance and the new performance by David Middendorp. We welcome the new dance season with drinks, a DJ, and a surprise act. Come and immerse yourself in dance on this wondrous evening. Admittance is free!

21:00   doors open  
21:00 23:40 DJ Foyer
21:30 21:45 Up sky down - Melissa Ellberger Grote zaal
22:00 22:05 Entr'act Foyer
22:05 22:15 Speech Leo Spreksel Foyer
22:15 22:35 Three Rooms - David Middendorp Grote zaal
23:05 23:35 Crossing Lithuania - Loreta Juodkaité Grote zaal
23:20   23:35     Up sky down - Melissa Ellberger   Grote zaal
23:25 23:40 Point Cloud - Joeri Dubbe Club
23:40 02:00 DJ Foyer

David Middendorp blends dance with self-made video animations in his work. In Blue Journey we see the struggle of a girl who is different than the people around her. Her search for her identity is rendered in a shadow play of surrealistic animations. In September 2012, David presented the 3-minute version Black Journey  at the Dtuch tv programme 'Beat the Best'.

After a successful career as a dancer with companies such as Introdans, the Saarlandisches Staats Ballet, and BalletTheater München, David Middendorp created his first choreographies Breadpiece (2002) and Dreamsketch (2003) with the BalletTheater München. He returned to The Hague in 2004 where, with the support of Korzo producties, he made various productions that were distinctive through the ingenious combination of dance and technology. In the fall of 2006, he was invited for the first DansClick tour with his choreography Dreamsketch. Since then he has made performances for young and adult audiences with Korzo and Introdans among others. His work was included in festivals such as Lowlands and Oerol. Middendorp also appeared at the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai.

Dreamsketch, daydreams that run together in dance animations and video animations… Dreamsketch is an amusing, and at the same time ingenious choreography in which fantasy and reality seem interchangeable.

David Middendorp made Dreamsketch as a commission from the BalletTheater Munich, the company he performed with from 2001 to 2003. In Dreamsketch, two dancers on stage are challenged by a character in the form of a computer animation and vice-versa. The result is a fascinating interplay of silhouettes in which the human body and computer techniques create a surrealistic world. Choreographer Middendorp takes the spectator playfully into the twilight realm between reality and fantasy. Unexpected developments allow things that normally only occur in dreams almost to become reality. Middendorp proves again, as he did in previous work such as As it Fades (CaDance festival 2004), his ability to combine a mix of dance and technology with a light touch.  'Light footed, witty, and visually clever’ (NRC Handelsblad on As it fades).

Bread-peace, a duet made as part of Four Steps Forward 2004, was the first choreography that David Middendorp presented in the Netherlands. With Bread-peace, Middendorp immediately presented his credentials, with dance, humor, and technical ingenuity as main ingredients of his performance.

On this occasion, his dancers – Thom Stuart and Hironori Sugata – were challenged by two remote controlled loaves of bread. The unusual love duet even ends with a new addition to the family…

How do you put together animation, dance and sets? The performance As it Fades by David Middendorp is the result of a preliminary study on this question.

The imagination of a little girl is reflected in a painting projected on a wall. It is the only place she can visit her imaginary friend. When the girl steps inside the painting, it literally comes to life. Because of her weight, it drops out of its frame and flows onto the back wall and floor.

Dancers of flesh and blood change into animated figures. Bit by bit the colors fade from the painting until only shadows remain. In As it Fades, two dancers dance a duet with their own shadow though their shadow doesn’t necessarily has to do as they do.

The Korzo production house has been celebrating the choreographic talent that abounds in The Hague with Here We Live And Now – a title referring to the city and the times in which we live – since 2006. Dance creatives from The Hague are invited to create new work and to present this work in a full-length program. For the 2009-edition, David Middendorp presented his work 15 minutes universe.

For this work, David Middendorp sought inspiration in the phenomenon of 'time'. All that we do, think, and make is related to time, and yet time is also intangible. To look at the person next to you, light only needs the merest fraction of a second to reach the eye. When we look at the stars we go back millions of years in time. The moment we experience as 'now' is actually partially in the past...

In its first weekend, CaDance opens the doors of the new Korzo theatre. With a special opening program for the theatre and the new performance by Ann Van den Broek, we introduce you to the new building and the future of the dance in the Netherlands.

program at Korzo theater 

19:30 – 20:30 
The Opening
20:30 – 21:00
21:00 – 22:15  Ann Van den Broek – Q61

Korzo has been the start of an exciting career for many talented dance makers. The building in the Prinsestraat has always been a home for the dance, a birthplace that is intimately connected to the history of the dance in the Netherlands. Dance makers and dance lovers have this building to thank for countless special memories. We now begin a new chapter: a new story in a building with a future.

No story without an audience. We therefore cordially welcome you. In this festive opening program you will get to know all the nooks and crannies of the new house. You will be led in groups past works by various dance artists. They will give colour to the future of Korzo and the dance in the Netherlands. Kenzo Kusuda will lead you with Flora past the poetry of the body, David Middendorp combines his talents in the hallucinatory Blue Journey, and choreographer Alida Dors offers a reflection on her future as a dance maker with Or Fall For Everything. We are especially honoured by the participation of Jiří Kylián, artist of international renown and a true dance innovator. He takes on new challenges in the small auditorium, where he will realize his piece Anonymus in collaboration with dancers Sabine Kupferberg and Cora Bos-Kroese, and video artist Jason Akira Somma. Kylian’s Anonymus deals with the two worlds within us: the world we show and the world we hide. If we make our inner world public, the ‘secret’ will ultimately change and become public: a performance. Our secrets needs to remain locked inside us, but sometimes we can make a window and look at them.

A new building, a new story. The talented young dancers of Crosstown Den Haag will be your guides, led by Yada van der Hoek and take you on this exciting journey of discovery.

DansClick gives you the chance to be the first to discover and meet the choreographers of the future. With three short performances, a video portrait of the artists, and drinks after the performance, this tour again offers a varied program that has a surprising discovery in store for each spectator. The choreographers were selected by participating theatre directors, yours among them.

In EXIT by Arno Schuitemaker, three dancers explore their physical limitations, and with humour to put things into perspective, challenge the magic of the theatre. The Israeli choreographers Mor Shani and Ron Amit, together with Lu Carmella made a masculine duet about the vague line between innocent and erotic love. In 15 Minute Universe, the dancers meld together with the video animations made by David Middendorp. The music by Simeon ten Holt is performed live by harpist Astrid Haring.

At DansClick, you not only can discover the choreographers of the future, you can meet them as well. The choreographers introduce themselves to you in a video portrait, and afterwards they offer you drinks on stage.

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