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The internationally renowned choreographer Iván Pérez (Spain, 1983) is based in the Netherlands. Iván is known for his physical and emotional choreographies, often described as powerful, intimate, intense and sensuous. His work has been seen at prestigious venues such as Sadler’s Wells Theatre in London and the National Theatre of Taipei. With audience and critics acclaim, he launched his dance company INNE with The Inhabitants in the summer of 2016. In 2018 he will make a new work for the Paris Opera Ballet.

Iván was only 19 years old when he created his first choreographies that immediately won awards. After his career as a dancer with Nederlands Dans Theater, he went on to be a successful choreographer. From the Dutch production house Korzo, he created Kick the Bucket (2011), Hide And Seek (2013), Exhausting Space (2015) and Waiting for the Barbarians (2016) with theatre maker Michiel de Regt. Next to Korzo, Iván has successfully set and made work for international companies such as Balletboyz London, Ballet Moscow, ZfinMalta Dance Ensemble, Dance Forum Taipei. In 2016, the feature film Young Men premiered on BBC2, based on the stage work created for Balletboyz in 2015.

In 2016, INNE has been founded by Iván Pérez in The Netherlands. With audience and critics acclaim, it premiered at Operaestate Festival with The Inhabitants. As its first international collaboration, ISLAND was created with Song of the Goat Theater in Poland. The next work titled BECOMING is developed as part of the European project Pivot Dance. A three-year program for six choreographers, six creative producers and audiences, coproduced by The Place, Dutch Dance Days and Comune di Bassano del Grappa. With the start of the season 2018/19, Iván Pérez takes over the artistic leadership of the new Dance Theatre Heidelberg at Theater und Orchestra Heidelberg.

The Spanish choreographer Iván Pérez has lived and worked in the Netherlands for the last fifteen years, and after his career as a dancer with Nederlands Dans Theater went on to be a successful choreographer. He is now on the verge of an international breakthrough with his physical, and emotionally poignant style. In Becoming, Iván shows an ever-changing world, a world in motion. The dancers follow the flow or go in the opposite direction, constantly influenced by encounters and experiences. Hypnotic entanglements take you to infinite spaces that are intriguing and revealing. Accompanied by the electronic music of Rutger Zuyderveld, Becoming inspires to reflect on who you are, who you want to be, and you relation to others.


HUI has emerged from an exciting international collaboration between Taiwan, Great-Britain and the Netherlands, and puts the piano music of Tan Dun in the spotlight. The show is directed by Cryptic´s Josh Armstrong and co-directed by Cathie Boyd, and choreographed together with the Dutch-Spanish Iván Pérez of Korzo and the Taiwanese Ming-Lung Yang of Dance Forum Tapei. This contemporary dance- theatre performance exposes spores. Remnants that remain and traces we create for the future. It is a wonderful journey through the seasons of life and in which the ever-changing beauty of nature is expressed.  

A woman appears carrying the moon. She speaks of longings, ancient beauty, and wars that filled the skies, which transport us to a dreamlike realm where anything is possible. Emotional landscapes of the past and present come to life  through piano, dance, and design. Here is a journey through the ever-returning seasons of life.

雪月花時最憶君 in the time of snow, moon and flowers I think of you.
-Bai Juyi (772-846 CE.)

Once again, Korzo enters into an exciting interdisciplinary partnership. This time with the renowned theatre production house Toneelschuur from Haarlem. Two top talents from both production houses – director Michiel de Regt and choreographer Iván Pérez – make a modern adaptation of the classic Waiting for the Barbarians by Nobel Prize winner J.M. Coetzee. This realistic fable is about totalitarian regimes and their impact on the life of the individual. The moral and existential questions that arise from this are very familiar and topical. An intriguing combination of theatre and dance.

The Spanish-Dutch choreographer Iván Pérez is, next to his commisions for Korzo, a frequently asked choreogapher for renowed companies such as Ballet Moscow and the BalletBoyz from London. Pérez is well known for his poetic, clear dance style, which is stripped down to its bare essentials. He now employs this style to interpret the way we relate to each other in our complex world. Our world, where everything is connected, but boundaries can easily be transgressed. Presented as an adaptation of his previous work Attention, the doors are closing! created in Moscow, three dancers use every corner of the theatre surrounded by the audience. Tirelessly and affectionately, they exhaust perspectives of personal space and use their bodies in search for unity. Even though the boundary that separates intimacy from intimidation is fragile, the dancers push the limits anyway. Tenderly they discover new possibilities for human connectedness.

At Crosstown, young dancers get the chance to discover and develop their creative ambitions. At the highest level, the most talented dancers work for a period of a few months with professional choreographers. This year the privilege falls to modern dance choreographer Iván Pérez and urban dance talent Shailesh Bahoran.

Shailesh Bahoran derives his inspiration from his direct environment. In Tribe, the dancers explore how great an influence the outside world has on their values, customs, clothing, greetings, rituals, and religion. But what happens when you find yourself somewhere else? To what extent do you let yourself be influenced? Are you successful in staying true to yourself?

For Source Language, Iván Pérez proceeds from the creativity and expressiveness of the dancers. The starting point is a sentence. The dancers create a new language without words by writing their own sentence in movement. The music is a combination of compositions by Yiannis Tsirikoglou and sound recordings of physical actions, such as writing on surfaces and tapping rhythms. The result is an exciting, open, and tangible new reality.

Six people find themselves in a space. They do not know each other, but they must depend on each other. They light-heartedly sound each other out, challenge each other. Hide And Seek is the new production by Spanish choreographer Iván Pérez. He danced with the Nederlands Dans Theater, developed his choreographic talent there, and has since dedicated himself to creating his own work. He has previously touched audiences with the compelling duet Kick the Bucket. In Hide And Seek, things get a bit more gruesome. Trapped in a psychological game, the light-heartedness gets a dark touch. What are the dancers hiding from each other? The audience is drawn into an atmospheric trip where desires, frustrations, madness, and humour are slowly revealed. Hide And Seek is a game that not everyone will wish to play.

The world famous Nederlands Dans Theater is a cradle of many choreographic talent. Three of these talents tour the theatres toghether with DansClick 14.

Kick the Bucket - Iván Pérez | Korzo producties
The Spanish Iván Pérez was till last season attached to the Nederlands Dans Theater as a dancer, where he was given opportunities to further develop his talents in choreography. He was asked twice by the artistic director of the NDT to create a piece for the company. At Korzo he created the beautiful duet Kick the Bucket revolving around the question if we are we strong and sensitive enough to get the most out of life?

The New Work - Amos Ben-Tal | Korzo producties
Israeli Amos Ben-Tal has made an impressive start as choreographer and musician. After his dance career at the NDT he created several productions for Korzo, including a live choreography performance with his band Noblesse. Amos surprised everyone at the CaDance Festival 2011 with his latest project The New Work in which he researches the idea of "live choreography". This form of choreography ensures that no two performances are alike and often leads to exciting and unexpected results.

Today Your Black Shoes Are Grey - Marina Mascarell | Korzo producties
The also Spanish Marina Mascarell danced for the NDT I and II till last season. She gained much experience in choreography in the choreography workshops and created works for CaDance Festival in The Hague and the Scapino Ballet Rotterdam. The poetic piece Today Your Black Shoes Are Grey has been growing in Marina's mind for a long time. What you see tonight is a brief summary of the ravages of greed in human beings and their surroundings, in a world that remains the same as before. 

Exchange Project ArtEZ Dansacademie, University for Music and Dance Cologne, Instituto Superior De Ensenanzas Artisticas  (Netherlands/Germany/Spain)

In June 2012, the result of a unique one-time-only exchange project involving three dance academies – Valencia, Cologne, and Arnhem – will tour through Europe. The 55 students of these academies work together with choreographers Iván Pérez and Georg Reischl and two young composers Benjamin Scheuer and Christiaan Richter. Orkest de Ereprijs performs the music live during this tour. Internationally mixed crossover/55/2 shows the two new works this project has produced.

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