Jasper van Luijk

Jasper van Luijk (1987) studied dance at the ArtEZ Dance Academy. When he was only 24 years old he was selected by Korzo to participate in the event Voorjaarsontwaken 2011 to create a choreography. This resulted in the piece Too many new beginnings, which was very well received.

Commissioned by Korzo productions he created the duet About There and Here which premiered during the Holland Dance Festival 2012. In the same season he created pieces for Brand New #3 (co-production Conny Janssen Danst and Dansateliers) and Festival a/d Werf. In 2012 Jasper received the ITs Choreography Award, a price for graduating talent in choreography. After his graduation, he decided to focus on choreography full-time. With Korzo, he created work for Here we live and now 2012, 2013, and CaDance 2013 and 2015. Quite Discontinuous originated at Generale Oost and Dansateliers and was selected for the Dance Roads tour to places such as Canada, Turin, and Bordeaux. At the moment Jasper is supported by De Nieuwe Oost, Het Huis Utrecht, MAAStd en Korzo producties. Highlights from the past year are the solo performances Yonder and The Definition of Now.

Movements generated by society are a central theme in Jasper’s work. He also places great emphasis on performing ‘in the moment’, the creation of situations on stage where the performers make decisions on-the-spot with which they can influence and surprise both themselves and the audience.

After the successful national and international tour in 2013, Quite Discontinuous is back in theatres in The Netherlands in the fall of 2018. Four dancers, exciting partner work and detailed solo’s accompanied by an endless stream of trance-generating soundscapes. With this precise and painfully sharp choreography, Jasper van Luijk captures is fascination for lifelessness in a pas-de-trois of mourning. How do we respond to the death of a loved one and how does a group redefine itself when a member is missing?

'It is impossible / says experience.' And yet again the only plaint sounds:
'It is what it is / says love.'
This silent dance requiem is of an equal beauty. '

Loek Zonneveld, Theaterkrant 2013.

To be online or to be offline? Shakespeare is painfully relevant. Four performers from different disciplines breathe new life into this age-old question. What makes us happy in this digital age? Bliss is centered on our addiction to information. With dance, live electronic music and spoken word, choreographer Jasper van Luijk immerses us in a search for happiness in a digital reality.

After the international success of Yonder, a dance solo with dance talent Jefta Tanate, choreographer Jasper van Luijk takes another step in depicting the relationship between man and time. The Definition of Now explores the dynamics of time and the experience of this in the life of one man. Three-dimensional light barriers, projected visuals, and a synchronized soundscape alternately influence the time line along which Jefta moves. The dancer and the technology take turns in control, and together create a unique sensual world. Can man guide and shape the way he experiences time?

Jasper van Luijk delved into the life of composer Franz Schubert, who led a tough and short life. But he was also a man who was passionate about society. The central theme of this performance is desire. The desire that can be heard in Schubert's work, his desire for better conditions, his desire for beauty. The desire for what has not been achieved and what might be unattainable. Inspired by this longing, Jasper reflects, together with his dancers and cellist Antonis Pratsinakis, on the life of Schubert. Compositions by Schubert are torn apart and merged with compelling new works by Antonis.

The young Jasper van Luijk is taking the Dutch dance scene by storm with powerful performances featuring interpersonal relationships. The diptych Savages was inspired by great literary works such as 1984 by George Orwell and Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. With live music, an ingenious lighting set up, and six fascinating dancers, a society emerges at a micro-level. The ideals of rationality over emotion and the individual’s subordination to the collective prevail. Inevitable conflicts arise, and mutual manipulations become increasingly extreme. Jealousy, discomfort, and loneliness slowly drift to the surface.

Thijs Maas and Wilco Sterke discovered that they shared a favourite book: Narziss und Goldmund, the masterpiece by Hermann Hesse. Together with talented choreographer Jasper van Luijk, these musical theatre makers give shape to the classic story about the struggle between mind and body. Goldmund is their first joint music theatre performance in which pop music can be as dreamy or get as loud as the characters in the book.

Two friends, a monk and a vagabond; two extremes, it all moves between these boundaries. Uncompromisingly, they make their way in the ridiculous ambiguity of it all. Because the argument, “after all, it doesn’t matter what you do” maybe true, but it never applies.

DansClick’s success formula offers the public a great experience with the newest generation of dance makers. At a DansClick event, you can discover and meet with choreographers. They are present in the theatre and introduce themselves in video portraits prior to the event. Afterwards, there is the Aprés Dans where the audience is invited on stage to enjoy a drink and chat with the artists. At the 16th edition of DansClick, Korzo presents three talented choreographers in different stages of their career: Jasper van Luijk, Joeri Dubbe en Lukáš Timulak. 

Young choreographer Jasper van Luijk stands at the beginning of his career, but has already won the ITS Choreography Award 2012, and receives support from the Fonds Podiumkunsten in the Nieuwe Makers Regeling (New Creatives Program).
Joeri Dubbe is currently one of the most acclaimed talents in the Dutch dance scene. He was awarded the coveted BNG Prize for New Theatre Makers and the Prize for the Nederlandse Dansdagen. He has created a new work for three dancers especially for DansClick. Lukáš Timulak danced for ten years with Nederlands Dans Theater, where he also created a number of performances. In DansClick 16, he shows a different, humoristic side of himself.

The buzz that The Hague is dancing is not new. Throughout the year, The Hague is a breeding ground for fresh dance talent, the melting pot for local and international dance professionals, and the place to be for important premières. With the dance event Here We Live and Now, Korzo and Nederlands Dans Theater celebrate the wealth of choreographic talent in this city.

For the 2013 edition, Jasper van Luijk, Spenser Theberge, Meyer & Chaffaud, and Karyn Benquet have been invited to make a short piece and present it as part of a full-length program.

Pay What You Want, 21 November (try-out).
Decide for yourself what to pay for a performance afterwards. We recommend that you reserve tickets due to great interest in the performance. Make your reservation via de PWYW button on the right or by phone 070-3637540.

Korzo is situated in the middle of the Hofkwartier; one of eight charismatic districts in the city center of The Hague. This place that oozes cultural history, with cozy nooks and crannies around every corner offers more than enough opportunities for an intimate dance project. CaDance invited five choreographers to make a performance suited to one of the hidden gems in this area. With no more than 24 other spectators, you will go visit all the performances and look the dance straight in the eye. For a moment you find yourself with the dancers in a totally different world, unseen by outsiders. Discover a new perspective on the city in this amazing guided tour.

The walking tours are accompanied by the guides of the Gilde Den Haag. The guides of the Gilde enjoy sharing their knowledge of the city with everyone who is interested. For more information go to http://www.gildedenhaag.nl/

Proximity Cora Bos-Kroese

Everporapture Kenzo Kusuda

That short moment of recognition Jasper van Luijk

Ellipse Revanta Sarabhai

Sjoerd Vreugdenhil

The buzz that The Hague is dancing is not new. Throughout the year, The Hague is a breeding ground for fresh dance talent, the melting pot for local and international dance professionals, and the place to be for important premières. With the dance event Here We Live and Now, Korzo celebrates the wealth of choreographic talent in this city.

For the 2012 edition, four dance makers from The Hague have been invited to make a short piece in a short period of time and to present it as part of a full-length program. These choreographers are: Lukáš Timulak, Kalpana Raghuraman, Jasper van Luijk and Heather Myers.

The Pay What You Want evening will be at Thursday, 22 November (try-out).
Decide for yourself what to pay for a performance afterwards. We recommend that you reserve tickets due to great interest in the performance. Make your reservation by phone 070-3637540 or e-mail info@korzo.nl.

At Saturday, 24 November, there is De Keuken van Here we live and now.

Afterparty on Saturday, 1 December with Marco Santos Live-act / Dj.

New Talents
Holland Dance Festival presents big names from the international dance world. But there is also a wealth of choreographic talent in the Netherlands. Leo Spreksel, artistic director of the Korzo theatre, has invited three of today’s talented choreographers to make a new work especially for the festival. They are inspired by urban dance, classical Indian dance and modern Western dance, respectively. New Talents presents an exciting spectrum of choreographic visions.

About There & Here
The young choreographer Jasper van Luijk has surprised many a spectator with his first piece, which he presented at Voorjaarsontwaken 2011. At the invitation of Korzo, he is now creating the duet About There & Here, about two people who follow their own path. Ruled by their doubts, memories, vulnerabilities and fears, they try to live in the here and now. That is, until their paths cross. For a short while, they walk together and are in contact with one another. About There & Here is an idiosyncratic duet about human interaction and the fleeting nature of contact.

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