Joeri Dubbe

Joeri Alexander Dubbe was born in Haarlem, The Netherlands. After his 9 year education at the National Ballet School, Joeri joined the Dutch National Ballet where he danced for four years before making the transition to Nederlands Dans Theater 2 in 2005. In this time Joeri worked with choreographers such as Jiri Kylián, Ohad Naharin, Stijn Celis and Lightfoot & Leon. He was also working as a freelance dancer for Kenzo Kusada and events such as Julidans in Paradiso, Sensation White, Hart improvisation in Club Panama and Electronation.

In 2009 he was commissioned by Korzo to make his first work Prospect Future for Here We Live and Now. His first full performance Chrono premiered during the 2011 CaDance festival, and was selected for the Blind Date Tour. With Chrono Joeri also won the prestigious BNG Prize for New Theatre Makers. In 2011 he won the prize of the Nederlandse Dansdagen and made the dance installation Point Cloud, which is still highly sought after for festivals.

In 2014 his choreography Trigger-Happy (CaDance 2013, Up & Coming Choreographers) won the Scapino Production Award during the international choreographers concours in Hannover, Germany. Following this award Joeri is making Raven’s Home for the Scapino Ballet Rotterdam which was premiered during TWOOLS 17. In 2016 he won with dancer Sarah Murphy three times the initial price with Infant during the Internationales Solo-Tanz-Theater Festival Stuttgart. Thanks to his work opportunities and support from Korzo producties, Joeri found his personal interest in movement, choreography and personal voice as an artist.

Currently, he is working on founding his own company ‘Joeri Dubbe Choreography’.

Fascinated by the question of how far science can get to imitate human behaviour through artificial intelligence, choreographer Joeri Dubbe brings two entities together in one space. Who is more human: man or cyborg? With his favourite dancers Carolina Mancusco and Sarah Murphy, Joeri created a fascinating duet about the unstoppable advance of technology. Do you evolve with technology or do you return to nature? But if you choose the latter, does that mean that you stagnate in your development in an attempt to remain yourself? Kiraly promises to be an intriguing duel between nature and technological developments, between the evolution and devolution of man.

One of Korzo’s great choreographic talents is Joeri Dubbe. He won the Dutch Dance Days Prize in 2011, the prestigious BNG Bank Prize for New Theatre Makers, and the Scapino Production Prize in 2014. In 2015, Dubbe created the solo performance Enfant, specially for dancer Sarah Murphy. With this solo they won three times the first prize at the Internationales Solo-Tanz-Theater Festival in Stuttgart: for best choreography, best performer (Sarah Murphy) and the video dance prize. In Enfant they explore the purity of our inner child. The uninhibited way a child has of looking at the world offers an enchanting perspective on the way we have arranged our lives. How do we recover what we lose in becoming adults? Is there still a place in our modern day pace of living to embrace the purity of the child within us?

For Chronology, Joeri Dubbe adventures in the complex nature of the mind storing memories. How certain are we that this memories aren’t distorted by the pass of time?

A character relives her own personal love events that lead to an unrecoverable separation. Time loops and as a consequence the character’s reality deviates to the parallel world of what she has hoped for. Their past history rules her present life, and the natural cycle of time stops.

What was the start of all this?
When did the cogs of fate begin to turn?
Perhaps it is impossible to grasp that answer now, formed within the flow of time.
But for a certainty, back then we loved so many yet hated so much.
We hurt others and were hurt so much.
yet even then we ran like the wind. Whilst our echoed under cerulean skies……

Masato Kato (‘Another World’ 1998)

One of Korzo’s great choreographic talents is Joeri Dubbe. He won the Nederlandse Dansdagen Prize in 2011, the prestigious BNG Bank Prize for New Theatre Makers in 2012, and the Scapino Production Prize in 2014.

In CaDance 2015, Dubbe created the solo performance Infant, specially for dancer Sarah Murphy. A performance in which he explores the purity of our inner child. The uninhibited way a child has of looking at the world, offers an enchanting perspective on the way we have arranged our lives. With this solo as a starting point, he continued his research and added dancer Carolina Mancusco to the team. The trio delves into the magical, though also cruel world of a child. They move between two worlds: the harsh reality and the often hidden fantasy world. Icons of folklore are resurrected through games and are then driven to extremes. Slowly a world is created where they overcome their fears and embrace the power of their imagination.

The award-winning Joeri Dubbe has for years been furthering his career as a choreographer. Especially for DansClick 16, Korzo asked him to create a new trio. In the breathtaking Kitsune – a fox from Japanese mythology that can take on a human form – rituals are the point of departure. Three masked dancers pose in golden light and transform from animal to human and back. They ominously flow together, collide, and then separate again. Their movements are alienating, almost animal, yet they manage to reveal human vulnerabilities. 

Joeri Dubbe, one of the most acclaimed talents in the Dutch dance scene, has definitely put himself on the map as a choreographer this last year. In addition to being selected for national tour series such as Blind Date and DansClick, Dubbe won two important prizes with his work: the coveted BNG prize for New Theatre Makers, and the Nederlands Dansdagen Prize. This cleared the way for his second full-length performance Solaris.

Dubbe is fascinated by world developments and the effect the present time has on humanity and our personal lives. With a fantastic cast of dancers, Dubbe focuses on a phenomenon that governs our lives and thoughts, namely power. In particular, Dubbe focuses on who wields power, the ruler who places himself at the center of life. It is a timeless way of thinking, but can we say the same for the ruler?

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The earth has evolved, from the Big Bang to where we are now. And humanity is also still developing. In Point Cloud, we see a man with knowledge and conviction. But he has doubts. In an attempt to find the truth, he allows himself to be swallowed up by his self-created world, his little universe, and he pulls us in as well. Joeri Dubbe toys with credibility in this installation and up-ends our perspective on life. The up and coming young choreographer Joeri received the Nederlandse Dansdagen Maastricht prize last year. As part of that prize, he created this latest production Point Cloud, an installation of dance, images, sound and compact extraordinary scenery.

January 2013 saw the premiere of this joint program of Korzo and the Nederlands Dans Theater at the CaDance festival. The production went on to four sell-out performances. Up & Coming Choreographers returns in June, with another chance to see the star dancers of the NDT 2 in Trigger-Happy by Joeri Dubbe, and Doze by Jiří Pokorný. In addition, choreographers Sharon Eyal & Gai Behar will present their beautiful creation Sara, that received very positive reviews after the premiere in April in Programme B by NDT 2.

Trigger-Happy - Joeri Dubbe
Joeri is fascinated by the global developments and the effects they have on humanity and our lives. For Trigger-Happy he was inspired by the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey. In this piece Joeri deals with the development of human emotions. Sorrow, love, tenderness and terrible jealousy. Sometimes we are overcome by our emotions but usually our mind dominates. How will this be in the future? Will human emotions still have a place in our society? Or will we be led by ratio?

Since Joeri Dubbe has been able to focus exclusively on his career as a freelance choreographer in the care of Korzo, he has become a familiar face in the dance scene. His work appeared at events such as the Shanghai World Expo and was awarded the Prijs Nederlandse Dansdagen 2011 and the BNG New Theatre Makers Prize 2012.

Doze - Jiří Pokorný
Hazy stories of our dreams, and our desires in the alertness of a daily life creates a world of constant balancing between these two different states of being. In Doze Jiří shows a world that balances on the edge of sleep. We are not completely immersed in the depths of our sleep, and at the same time situated in some kind of vacuumed space full of surprises. As we drift, we are dozing and yet close to rousing.

Jiří Pokorný, dancer with Kidd Pivot in Frankfurt and choreographer, is in the early stages of his new career as a dance maker. His unique talent was noticed during his dancing career with the NDT where he displayed a personal style as a dancer, and drew attention at Switch (the NDT’s choreography workshop) and the Summer Intensive (the NDT’s summer school). More than sufficient reason to invite him for Up & Coming Choreographers.

Sara - Sharon Eyal & Gai Behar
Sara is the latest work by the Israeli creators Sharon Eyal and Gai Behar and has been composed for NDT 2 especially. The choreography is created simultaneously with the composition of Ori Lichtik, and revolves around memories, dreams, emotions, inspiration, loneliness, sorrow, caring and sharing, about life... The mysterious dream world originates fully from the creators’ feelings and intuitions.

Sharon Eyal danced with Batsheva Dance Company from 1990 until 2008 and began choreographing within the framework of the company's Batsheva Dancers Create project. Her talent was quickly recognised, and since then she has created many works for the company, where she was also house choreographer. She has been awarded many prestigious awards. Since 2005 she has worked together with Gai Behar who has his roots in the modern Israeli music scene. This is the first time that Eyal and Behar have created new work for NDT. 

With great attention to music, costumes, and lighting, choreographer Joeri Dubbe delves together with light designer Tom Visser into the relationship between man and technology. Are we slowly being poisoned by the technology that surrounds us? Are we slowly turning into robots, or does technology offer us opportunities to grow as human beings? Chrono creates a world where the difference between real and false is elusive. The characters fight themselves out of the illusion, reality becomes more and more visible.

The Korzo production house has been celebrating the choreographic talent that abounds in The Hague with Here We Live And Now – a title referring to the city and the times in which we live – since 2006. Dance creatives from The Hague are invited to create new work and to present this work in a full-length program. For the 2009-edition, Joeri Dubbe presented his work Prospect Future.

"So immersed you became man
the insecure, the fearsome, the vulnerable
a dying element forgotten the essence within you
never knew how beautiful you are
never looked at yourself never looked who are
what you are

Knowing, technology, communication, distracted
and closed by themself blamed by word
expected the honest''

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