Junadry Leocaria

Eye-catching appearance Junadry Leocaria (1985, Willemstad) is a strong urban dancer, specialized in waacking. She has been working in the professional theater/dance field for over 13 years. Junadry has been part of the urban theater dance company ISH Dance Collective for 8 years and performed in several shows for the urban dance company Don’t Hit Mama. Her Passion for waacking was developed in the all female dance crew Femme Lethal (2009) and her house name is Vineyard. Femme Lethal and The House of Vineyard, both delivered a big contribution in creating a Waacking/Vogue scene in The Benelux.
Leocaria is a talented key figure in the Dutch urban theatre scene and with her expressive and powerful way of moving she knows how to catch your attention.
The past years Junadry has been working as a choreographer, coach and teacher. In her own choreographies she searches for ways to bring varied styles together in an organic way while she explores themes like self-acceptation, struggles, love for yourself and the will to grow as a person.

The older and more experienced Junadry Leocaria gets, the more she understands how important it is to know about the hidden cultural history of Curacao, her history. It is essential to know, while being on a journey to discover who you are. Her ancestors blessed her with the power of musicality, creativity, strength and most of all the power to express and tell a story through movement. Dancing, singing and playing Tambú was once forbidden, a taboo. With her solo Ta(m)bu she is honoring her ancestors by going back to her roots and share the beauty of her cultural heritage in her own creative and artistic way.

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