Kanniks Kannikeswaran

A Korzo initiative in The Hague led to a first-time unique event for Europe in 2013: The first Hindustani choir in the Netherlands was established for the 2013 India Dance Festival. Korzo invited the visionary Indian-American composer Kanniks Kannikeswaran to perform an adapted version of his magnum opus Shanti-A Journey of Peace with a few dozen amateur and professional singers from the Netherlands. This special performance will be reprised in partnership with the original Hindustani Sharad choir, the Residentieorkest, the Dario Fo choir, and excellent dancers from India and the Netherlands. The performance of Ragas in Symphony – The Shanti Experience marks the official opening of the Holland India Festivals  in the Hague. The performance is centered on the music for choir and orchestra based on ancient Indian ragas. An overwhelming experience with dance, music, text, and beautiful images. 

The founding of the first Hindustani choir in the Netherlands. In the opening weekend of the India Dance Festival 2013 , Korzo presented a large-scale music theatre production by the visionary composer, musician, and music educator Kanniks Kannikeswaran. Dozens of amateur and professional singers from the Netherlands participated in an arrangement of his magnum opus Shanti – A Journey of Peace.  More than 900 artists have already participated in this piece. Based on classic Vedas and ancient Indian ragas, Kannikeswaran creates new music for mixed choir in which the choir depict subjects such as peace, joy, and solidarity.

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