Klaus Jürgens

Choreographer and performer Klaus Jürgens has, for the last ten years, been the artistic director of the Hans Hof Ensemble. Theatrical dance, irony, and compassion for human shortcomings were important themes. As individual theatre maker, Jürgens continues in the theatrical style of the ensemble, albeit with a personal, easily recognizable signature. Aside from in his own work, Jürgens also performs in the works of other dance makers and theatre creatives. In 2009 he appeared in the successful performance Bambie Treize, a coproduction by mime group Bambie and the Hans Hof Ensemble. 

Where will her houseplant be placed, where will the closet be set, and will his clothes be stored? In Ex Aequo two characters are moving in together and their stuff deserves its own place. They challenge each other, push each other to their limits, and work together until they’ve found the right balance. Two young circus artists - Sophie van der Vuurst de Vries en Willem Balduyck – created a wonderful performance with humor and impressive acrobatic acts, in which common stuff change into circus attributes. 


The theatrical choreographer Klaus Jürgens is an old acquaintance of Korzo. For years he created expressive, layered performances with the Hans Hof Ensemble and Bambie. He is now a popular creative in the circus world. For example, TENT from Amsterdam, a group that connects spectacular circus techniques with mime, dance, music, and theatre. Three men go in search for what connects them. They test the framework of their friendship; a test of strength that leads to competition, fraternization, pain, and to great heights. Through acrobatics, juggling, tightrope walking, and three poles the men challenge each other and the audience to take part in an unusual friendship.

Asa Nisi Masa shows a man, beset by unlimited possibilities, who desperately tries to maintain control over his own life. With irony and compassion, choreographer Klaus Jürgens made a new performance about big dreams, little souls, ambition and mediocrity.

Taking the movie Otto e Mezzo (1963) by Frederico Fellini as a point of departure, Jürgens tells the story of a director who has no idea how to go about realizing his film project. He is plagued by his tormented inner world, and by doubts about his ideas and his own existence. This leads to great frustrations among the people around him. Everyone tries through him to realize their own dreams.

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The Mime theatre group Bambie and choreographer Klaus Jürgens take over the new theatre for a week with two performances and a potentially unforgettable Quick Sketches. After the intimate Bambie 14 in which Jochem Stavenuiter and Paul van der Laan were on stage together, mime theatre group Bambie now makes a production for a larger cast, with Klaus Jürgens, Paul van der Laan, Gerindo Katardinata among others.

Bambie 15, directed by Jochem Stavenuiter is about stealing. About furnishing and plundering as one continuous movement. About people who so badly want to have what their neighbours have that ethical boundaries fade, and with them the limits of their homes. If I come and sweep your place, may I take your couch? He who possesses nothing shall yet receive. And a life story is not personal property.


The Mime theatre group Bambie and choreographer Klaus Jürgens take over the new theatre for a week with two performances and a potentially unforgettable Quick Sketches.

In Tot nut en genoegen, choreographer Klaus Jürgens tries to escape our hurried and two-faced world. Modern man withdraws to far-away places in nature or to a Buddhist monastery; he hugs cows or jumps from a bridge with a long rubber band around his feet.

Jürgens, one of the founders and artistic directors of of the former dance theatre collective Hans Hof Ensemble, seeks escape more in the Dutch national character. He has created a retreat where he can dedicate himself, with hoe and watering can, sowing and weeding, to the gentle art of gardening. Because he does not wish to be entirely alone in his care for this allotment, he succeeded after great effort, to engage the very talented, dedicated and inexpensive Eastern European gardener and dancer Peter Cseri for the heavy work in this garden.

They brotherly strive towards establishing an autarkic living environment in which they can cherish their lost dreams. Gradually they engage in battle the enemies of this idyl: the mock fight with the wasp and slug cannot avert the awareness that it is pointless to want to create an ideal world when you finally take yourself along.

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