Kristel van Issum

In the theatrical dance performance Swamp, an entire battalion of heavenly messengers pass in revue: priests and prophets, shamans and medicine men, seers and psychonauts. With all sorts of prayers and rituals, they cast off the desperation of the modern world and go in search of love. We see four dancers in a desolate swamp landscape rushing from one character to another. Identity is malleable in this performance, and it is possible to become ‘the other’. Because of these constantly changing perspectives, it is impossible to keep a distance from this swampy spectacle. Swamp is accompanied live by two musicians and is a story that concerns everyone; do we go along with the prevailing negativity, or do we choose the power of positive thinking? Will we make it together or will we all perish individually?

T.R.A.S.H., well known for its uncompromising and theatrical dance performances, presents no less than two performances this evening, with femininity as featured subject; a voluptuous and wistful dance duet on water, followed by a one woman show. 

We must be willing to let go
Two dancers slide and fall in a continual pulse of movement and music. They lose their grip and are cast adrift on a floor flooded with water. In a cartoon-like manner, these women seem to want to rid themselves of unnecessary ballast. Emptiness, adrenaline, ridicule, and fragility stand side by side in this explosive and tragic dance duet, ridden with adrenaline, ridicule, hollowness and clichés.

Girl 29
The identity crisis of the female character unfolds in the glamour of the one woman show Girl 29. She changes, takes on different appearances and finds herself in a continual metamorphosis. In a humour-filled setting, though also fraught with menace, she is uncompromising in the search for her true self.

In a house with a through room and yellowish floral wall paper, performers pace up and down like half naked models on high heels with blond wigs. Intrigue, scheming, and manipulation are the order of the day. Conventional bourgeois values are put under pressure and emotions reach the boiling point. The new performance by leading company T.r.a.s.h. Agnes und Ekel (revulsion) explores the limits of what is normal and what is not. With live music by Arthur van der Kuip, a raw movement language, and a camp sense of theatre, atmospheric and psychologically charged images are created in a post punk style.

With this yearly dance event Voorjaarsontwaken, Korzo lets in the fresh air by flinging the doors wide of the theatre for burgeoning choreographic talent. Noteworthy pieces are combined into a varied program in which you can discover your favourite talent. This year Korzo offers a look, not only at the future of choreographic talent, but also a look at its own future, filled with new projects and partnerships. Every evening you will see six pieces made in the Netherlands by internationally known choreographers.

Swan winner Ederson Rodrigues Xavier created the performance Nudge with live music and dance in partnership with Artemisz Polonyi. In Vis-a-vis, the inventive Anna Réti experiments with various forms of ‘presence’. In the Midst of Confusion is the is the first collaboration project by the acrobatic Jasper Džuki Jelen and movement artist and architect Mojra Vogelnik-Škerlj. Trapeze artist and modern dancer Melissa Ellberger commences her artist in residence period with Korzo during this festival with the duet Re - - act.

Korzo looks forward to a closer collaboration with the Nederlands Dans Theater in the form of a project with two choreographers from the NDT program Switch: Beatween by Ema Yuasa & Miguel Olivera (in cooperation with Marco Santos), and Last Image by Menghan Lou. In I do not hear my voice, Syrian choreographer Eyas Mokdad explores the relationship between man and media. We have a voice, but does it really count? Choreographer Kristel van Issum choreographed a 'one woman show' for a woman of African origin who finds herself in a constant state of metamorphosis. 

Nudge Ederson Rodrigues Xavier / Korzo producties
Vis-a-Vis Anna Réti  / Random Collision
Re - - act Melissa Ellberger / Dansateliers
Last Image Menghan Lou / NDT (Switch program)
Beatween  Ema Yuasa, Miguel Oliveira & Marco Santos / NDT (Switch program)
In the Midst of Confusion  Jasper Džuki Jelen & Mojra Vogelnik-Škerlj (only 13 and 14 April)
I do not hear my voice  Eyas Mokdad Korzo productizes, Dancing on the Edge (only 17 and 18 April)
Girl29   Kristel van Issum / T.R.A.S.H. (only 12 April)


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