Manuel Ronda

Manuel Ronda was born in Italy (Genoa) where he studied Industrial Design at the University of Architecture. He then studied at the modern dance department of the Theater School in Amsterdam in 1999.

He is a theater performer. As an actor he worked for the children’s theatre Teatro del Piccione in Genoa (I) for a number of years, and for Lindsay Kemp, in Rome. He participated in The Lindenmayer System and the solo CYP17, both by Andre Gingras; these pieces were performed in venues all over the world.

After dancing in various projects with Charleroi/Danses Plan-K directed by Frederic Flamand, he collaborated with Angélique Wilkie in the performance Zeropoint. In 2005 he joined Ultima Vez/Wim Vandekeybus where he danced in the touring productions Puur, Spiegel, Menske and the long movie HereAfter, until 2008.

As a dramaturge, he assisted choreographer/director Elena Fokina with the performance Pristan in Mexico, and with Bielovodie in Moscow. He performed in ASA NISI MASA Klaus Jürgens in 2010, and he created 2Halves with Kenneth Flak.

Choreographers and dancers Manuel Ronda and Kenneth Flak set foot in the deep caverns of their souls. Ronda and Flak became friends at the Theaterschool Amsterdam and shared an interest in the limitations a space can enforce. At that time they made plans to create something together, and a decade later they are finally able to fulfil this wish.

In 2Halves they portray two characters that try and come to terms with themselves, with their torn histories, their incoherent thoughts, and their vulnerability. Nothing is as it seems. They use their shared memories and fantasies as an Ariadne’s thread to find their way in no-man’s-land.

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