Marina Mascarell Martinez

Marina Mascarell (Spain, 1980) studied Pedagogy applied to Dance at the Rey Juan Carlos University, where she reached her Master’s Degree in Performing Arts. She danced for years with Nederlands Dans Theater 1 and 2, and the Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet.

In 2010, when still dancing with NDT 1, she created a choreography for the UpComing Choreographers program of that company, and later that year the award winning piece Like an Olive Tree for Dance Forum Taipei.

Since 2011 Marina is a freelance choreographer and a resident artist in Korzo. That year she presented the short piece The Eyes History in the CaDance festival and created Today Your Black Shoes Are Grey for the program Here we live and now. It was followed by the full-length productions The Unreality of Time (CaDance Festival 2013) and "it is like a large animal deep in sleep" (CaDance Festival 2015).

As a guest-choreographer Marina has created works for Scapino Ballet Rotterdam, Kannon Dance Saint Petersburg, Ballet Junior de Genève, Skånes Dansteater in Malmö, GöteborgsOperans Danskompanie in Gothenburg and Le Ballet de l’Opéra de Lyon.

In 2015 Marina received the BNG Bank Dance Award for Excellent Talent, and one year later she was nominated by the Dutch dance field for the Prize of the Dutch Dance Festival.

In the short dance film Interlude, the main character battles for her ideas with strength and vulnerability. She dances for acceptance through the loneliness her passion sometimes brings. The film was shown at numerous international festivals and won the award for Best Choreography at the Film Art Dance Festival in North Carolina.
2015 | 10 min

Homing tells the story of a girl brought up by a pack of wolves and who returns into the civilized world of a city. On her journey she comes across different characters that have a lasting impact on her life and behavior.
2014 | 29 min

Our roots lay in history and also form the foundation for the future. In Shai, hip hop dancer and choreographer Shailesh Bahoran – who, for his work, often finds inspiration in his Hindustani background – goes in search of the effect of earlier and future lives on his personality today together with the experimental film maker Shueti.
2016 | 10 min


15:00 Interlude Jelena Kostić & harrie Verbeek
15:10 Homing Marina Mascarell & Xabier Iriondo
15:40 introduction on Shai
16:00 Shai Shailesh Bahoran & Shueti (voorpremière)
16:15 aftertalk

As an up-and-coming top talent, choreographer Marina Mascarell won the prestigious BNG Bank Dance Prize in 2015 and was recently nominated by the dance scene for the Prize of the Nederlandse Dansdagen. She has a unique talent for translating her social commitment into dance in an expressive and poetic way. For Three Times Rebel, Mascarell and her dancers delved into the extensive history of women’s emancipation and was confronted with frustrating structures of exclusion, (symbolic) violence and gender inequality. Prejudice, discrimination and stereotyping are still very much a part of life in 2017. To live music by Yamila Ríos, the five dancers undermine these issues with verve.

After the hit performance The Unreality of Time during  the 2013 CaDance Festival, Marina Mascarel  was praised for its enchanting images, languid poetry, and powerful nuance. In 2015 she won the prestigious BNG Award. In her new piece “it is like a large animal deep in sleep”, she now reacts to the current state of society. Surrounded by fifty cardboard boxes, three dancers ask what we can do to really exercise influence in society. They invite you to contribute. “it is like a large animal deep in sleep” is a poetic performance about basic but essential daily activities, and about the great philosophical issues such as the wish to be free. It appeals to the senses to stay awake and alert and not to remain numb. 

A girl who was brought up by a pack of wolves returns to the city. Along her way she comes across different characters who transform her behaviour. Homing represents a journey from the wild world to a life in society.

The Unreality of Time was the surprise hit of the 2013 CaDance Festival. Young, Spanish choreographer Marina Mascarell created a poetic invitation to closely examine our perception of time, a perception that we readily accept as reality. In a mesmerizing and continuously changing stage design, five dancers and cello player Chris Lancaster manipulate time by accelerating it, slowing it down and by stretching it. Dynamic and intense, The Unreality of Time offers an alternative for our relationship with time.

The world famous Nederlands Dans Theater is a cradle of many choreographic talent. Three of these talents tour the theatres toghether with DansClick 14.

Kick the Bucket - Iván Pérez | Korzo producties
The Spanish Iván Pérez was till last season attached to the Nederlands Dans Theater as a dancer, where he was given opportunities to further develop his talents in choreography. He was asked twice by the artistic director of the NDT to create a piece for the company. At Korzo he created the beautiful duet Kick the Bucket revolving around the question if we are we strong and sensitive enough to get the most out of life?

The New Work - Amos Ben-Tal | Korzo producties
Israeli Amos Ben-Tal has made an impressive start as choreographer and musician. After his dance career at the NDT he created several productions for Korzo, including a live choreography performance with his band Noblesse. Amos surprised everyone at the CaDance Festival 2011 with his latest project The New Work in which he researches the idea of "live choreography". This form of choreography ensures that no two performances are alike and often leads to exciting and unexpected results.

Today Your Black Shoes Are Grey - Marina Mascarell | Korzo producties
The also Spanish Marina Mascarell danced for the NDT I and II till last season. She gained much experience in choreography in the choreography workshops and created works for CaDance Festival in The Hague and the Scapino Ballet Rotterdam. The poetic piece Today Your Black Shoes Are Grey has been growing in Marina's mind for a long time. What you see tonight is a brief summary of the ravages of greed in human beings and their surroundings, in a world that remains the same as before. 

Every year when spring arrives, Korzo lets the fresh air in with our yearly event Voorjaarsontwaken, flinging wide the doors of the theatre to welcome burgeoning choreographic talent. Korzo is always on the lookout for young, talented dance creatives in the studios of production houses, dance ateliers, and at companies throughout the country to include in this program. Voorjaarsontwaken brings together the most notable pieces to make a varied and refreshing program in which each spectator can discover his or her favourite talent. 


The Actor / To Personify - Percevale Perks
A small guide on how to treat your lifetime companion - Jan Martens (except May 7)
Too many new beginnings - Jasper van Luijk
Elephant in the room - Marina Mascarell (except May 10 and 11)
Amoroso - Cora Bos-Kroese (except May 10 and 11)
Skin - Sagi Gross
Nora. - Eilit Marom
The Search Within - Revanta Sarabhai (only at May 10 and 11)


Friday 6 May - picknickarrangement €27,50 (inclusief voorstelling)
Saturday 7 May - Party Club Raketje free with a valid ticket for Voorjaarsontwaken 
Wednesday 11 May students ‘Happy Hour’ with the choreographers of Voorjaarsontwaken


The Actor / To Personify - Percevale Perks
The American Perceval Perks was fourteen years old when he started at the prestigious Kirov Academy of Ballet in Washington. When he was nineteen he left for Germany to dance with the Hamburg Ballet. Since 2007 Percevale has resided in The Hague where he started as a dancer with the Nederlands Dans Theater but now he works here as a freelance choreographer. Percevale made his initial choreographies while dancing at the Hamburg Ballet. These choreographies were shown at various festivals in Germany. As a dancer Percevale has worked in Korzo on a number of occasions. This is his first time as a choreographer.

A small guide on how to treat your lifetime companion - Jan Martens
Jan Martens (1984) was born in Belgium and received his dance training at the Royal Conservatory for Dance at the Artesis Academy in Antwerp. And also at the Fontys Dance Academy in Tilburg. As a dancer Jan Martens was featured in works by a.o. Koen de Preter, United-C and Ann Van den Broek. Since 2009 he has been developing his own pieces as well. Instead of focusing on dansante virtuosity or complex choreography Jan centers his work around the ugliness and beauty of everyman.

Too many new beginnings - Jasper van Luijk
At twenty four Jasper van Luijk is the youngest choreographer selected for Voorjaarsontwaken. What intrigues him is the communicative aspect of dance: not the tricks the body can learn, but the pure physical control and aesthetics that dance can bring to a stage. This holds the magic for Jasper. He studied at the Arnhem Dance Academy. From his first year, the broad and inclusive method of that school has been very inspirational for Jasper and has helped him to make willful pieces. After performing his first solo there was no way back for him.

Elephant in the room - Marina Mascarell
The Spanish Marina Mascarell Martinez was born in Valencia. In 2008 she became part of Cedar Lake Dance in New York and after that she joined the Nederlands Dans Theater in the Hague. Marina has won numerous international awards for dance as well as choreography. She won, among others, the Outstanding Dancer award at the 2005 Choreography Concour in Madrid; as well as a scholarship to North Carolina at the American Dance Festival in Durham. Marina makes socially relevant pieces. A short film was made of the piece Elephant in the Room.

Amoroso - Cora Bos-Kroese
Cora Bos-Kroese began dancing at age seven in South Africa. It wasn’t long before she won a scholarship to the Royal Academy of Dance which gave her an opportunity to be schooled at the Royal Ballet School in London for a year. In 1985 she switched over to the Royal Conservatory in The Hague. During her career with the Nederlands Dans Theater Cora created her own choreographies such as Trespass, Mizu, Under my feet and her most recent work Exposed and Signals.

Skin - Sagi Gross
Sagi Gross studied at the Bat-Dor Dance Academy in Tel-Aviv and the National Ballet Academy in Amsterdam. During his study he won five scholarships for choreography and dance. As a choreographer Sagi has made over thirty five pieces in Israel, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the Netherlands. In 2008 he was chosen to be a part of the Siwic choreography project One Charming Night for the main program of the Vondelpark Openluchttheater Amsterdam. In his new production Skin he is searching for forms of identity. In June 2011 Sagi and his four dancers are invited to perform in The Busan International Dance Festival and in The Pocket Festival, Seoul in South Korea and teach a workshop at the Dance Academy of Busan. As well to perform in Berlin and Potsdam during ‘Lucky Trimmer’ performances series.

Nora. - Eilit Marom
Eilit Marom, 24 years old, born in Haifa (Israël). Studied dance at 'Reut' and 'Wizo' art schools in Haifa. After finishing her studies she attended a 2 year professional course in Kibbutz Gaaton, and left Israël to broaden her horizon in the Netherlands. There she completed her B.A dance studies at 'ArtEZ Dance academy' in Arnhem. As a dancer Eilit worked among others with the choreographers Fernando Martins, Erik Kaiel and Piet Rogie. Discovering her urge to choreograph, Eilit worked as an assistant for Anouk van Dijk, participated in collaborations with different visual artists and performed her own work at 'One Night's Dance' in Dansateliers, Suzan Dalal Tel Aviv and various festivals in Europe.

The Search Within - Revanta Sarabhai
Revanta is an independent performer, choreographer, multimedia designer and filmmaker, currently pursuing his MA at Roehampton University, London. Having made his solo classical dance debut at age 8, he has been performing professionally and touring internationally with the Darpana Performance Group since 1999. Trained in a variety of Indian and world folk, contemporary and martial arts forms, he started experimenting with choreography at age 14, and has since developed his own contemporary vocabulary that has been showcased in productions as at several prestigious venues and festivals across Asia, Europe, and North America.

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