Melissa Ellberger

Swiss Melissa Ellberger is a dancer and choreographer with dynamic skills. She studies Modern Circus at the Circus Space in London, where she graduated in 2003 as an aerial acrobat. After a few years of working as an international trapeze artist at the Swedish circus company Cirkus Cirkor, Ellberger chose for the dance. In 2006 she joined ISH as a dancer, choreographer and teacher. Besides her work for ISH, Melissa collaborated with Andrea Boll, danced in Phase by the Dutch National Ballet and choreographed the youth performance Rubberroom for the LAB. She currently works in dance production houses as Korzo and Dansateliers. As a choreographer Ellberger takes movement principles from the contemporary circus and breakdance out of their original setting. This creates an exciting dialogue with gravity in an unusual mix of breakdance, modern dance and acrobatics.

In her dance program Krisztina’s Keuze, choreographer Krisztina de Châtel presents distinct young choreographers with something to say. She asked Melissa Ellberger, Cecillia Moiso, Eva Susova, and Christopher Tandy to each make a choreography. The program is completed by the De Châtel's solo Boerka from 2007.

De Châtel on Krisztina’s Keuze, “I can’t resist giving dancers and choreographers who fascinate me a chance. I wanted to challenge Melissa Ellberger, a fanatic choreographer in urban dance, to explore the influence of visual art. I observe the versatile development of Cecilia Moisio with growing amazement. She has danced with me for a long time and still she never fails to surprise me. I gladly continue my association with the School voor Nieuwe Dans Ontwikkelingen (SNDO). In this first edition I do this by way of a choreography by Eva Susova. Chris Tandy was one of the leading dancers of Dansgroep Amsterdam.”

In the acrobatic trio Turntable Tales, Swiss choreographer Melissa Ellberger searches for the subtle boundary between child and adult. With an unusual combination of breakdance, modern dance and acrobatics, Melissa shows us a place where age limits fade and perspective switches in a dialogue with gravity. This new work was inspired by the series of paintings “Mobili nelle valle” (1927) from the Italian Surrealist Giorgio de Chirico.

The two creatives in this Double Bill have an unorthodox perspective on dance. The work of David Middendorp always stands out because of his ingenious mixture of dance and technology. For Three Rooms however, he returns to the dance. He developed a choreographic method  whereby he gives input to the dancers through digital line drawings. In Three Rooms we follow two people in different stages of their lives. Conflicts dominate, the world pushes and pulls, they resist, but sometimes yield.

In the acrobatic fairy tale Turntable Tales, Swiss choreographer Melissa Ellberger searches for the subtle boundary between child and adult. Because each child carries an adult inside and in every adult a child resonates. Can we retain our candour? With an unusual combination of break dance, modern dance and acrobatics, Ellberger shows us a place where age limits fade.

Korzo opens the new dance season on 7 September with various acts and a delicious late night lounge setting. Following the performance of Föld on the Spuiplein, Korzo flings open its doors. Let yourself be surprised by previews of Melissa Ellberger’s acrobatic dance and the new performance by David Middendorp. We welcome the new dance season with drinks, a DJ, and a surprise act. Come and immerse yourself in dance on this wondrous evening. Admittance is free!

21:00   doors open  
21:00 23:40 DJ Foyer
21:30 21:45 Up sky down - Melissa Ellberger Grote zaal
22:00 22:05 Entr'act Foyer
22:05 22:15 Speech Leo Spreksel Foyer
22:15 22:35 Three Rooms - David Middendorp Grote zaal
23:05 23:35 Crossing Lithuania - Loreta Juodkaité Grote zaal
23:20   23:35     Up sky down - Melissa Ellberger   Grote zaal
23:25 23:40 Point Cloud - Joeri Dubbe Club
23:40 02:00 DJ Foyer

With this yearly dance event Voorjaarsontwaken, Korzo lets in the fresh air by flinging the doors wide of the theatre for burgeoning choreographic talent. Noteworthy pieces are combined into a varied program in which you can discover your favourite talent. This year Korzo offers a look, not only at the future of choreographic talent, but also a look at its own future, filled with new projects and partnerships. Every evening you will see six pieces made in the Netherlands by internationally known choreographers.

Swan winner Ederson Rodrigues Xavier created the performance Nudge with live music and dance in partnership with Artemisz Polonyi. In Vis-a-vis, the inventive Anna Réti experiments with various forms of ‘presence’. In the Midst of Confusion is the is the first collaboration project by the acrobatic Jasper Džuki Jelen and movement artist and architect Mojra Vogelnik-Škerlj. Trapeze artist and modern dancer Melissa Ellberger commences her artist in residence period with Korzo during this festival with the duet Re - - act.

Korzo looks forward to a closer collaboration with the Nederlands Dans Theater in the form of a project with two choreographers from the NDT program Switch: Beatween by Ema Yuasa & Miguel Olivera (in cooperation with Marco Santos), and Last Image by Menghan Lou. In I do not hear my voice, Syrian choreographer Eyas Mokdad explores the relationship between man and media. We have a voice, but does it really count? Choreographer Kristel van Issum choreographed a 'one woman show' for a woman of African origin who finds herself in a constant state of metamorphosis. 

Nudge Ederson Rodrigues Xavier / Korzo producties
Vis-a-Vis Anna Réti  / Random Collision
Re - - act Melissa Ellberger / Dansateliers
Last Image Menghan Lou / NDT (Switch program)
Beatween  Ema Yuasa, Miguel Oliveira & Marco Santos / NDT (Switch program)
In the Midst of Confusion  Jasper Džuki Jelen & Mojra Vogelnik-Škerlj (only 13 and 14 April)
I do not hear my voice  Eyas Mokdad Korzo productizes, Dancing on the Edge (only 17 and 18 April)
Girl29   Kristel van Issum / T.R.A.S.H. (only 12 April)


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