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Revanta Sarabhai is a member of the famous dance dynasty of the Sarabhai’s. He graduated in the classical Indian dance style of Bharatanatyam and has trained in various other Indian classical, folk and contemporary forms. Since the age of 14, Revanta started experimenting with choreography, combining aspects of classical dance with innovative contemporary movement.

He was an associate choreographer for Mallika Sarabhai’s The Journey Inward: Devi Mahatmya (2002) and Hot Talas Cool Rasas (2005). Revanta graduated with honors in multimedia at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia in 2006, having developed skills to integrate aspects of media, technology and the performing arts. Over the years, Revanta has collaborated with several international dancers, choreographers, and composers. He has recently appeared at the Sawai Gandharva festival in Pune, Nalanda Nrityotsav in Mumbai, the International Dance Festival Birmingham and the Indian Visions festival in The Hague. He also premiered two new contemporary dance solos as part of the Alchemy Festival in London. Revanta's first production as a resident choreographer at Korzo is LDR, a piece based on long distance relationships. This production premiered at the 2011 Indian Dance Festival and was selected for DansClick 13.

The monumental opera Satyagraha by the world-renowned composer Philip Glass was inspired by Mahatma Gandhi's philosophy of peaceful resistance. The opera is not performed often, though it is seen as a key work in the composer’s output. Satyagraha is also the one opera where the influence of Indian music in Glass’ work is most clearly manifest. The composer gave permission to Korzo and Kwekers in de kunst to perform this opera in a new setting with Indian contemporary dance. Sixty choir singers specialized in classical and Indian music, opera singers, Indian dancers, contemporary dancers, and musicians bring this musical happening on tour.

Satyagraha translates as “truth force”. The opera is sung in Sanskrit, does not have a linear storyline and covers three acts. Each of the three parts represents a period of time overshadowed by war and violence. Where, in Act 1, the call to violence and its effects become tangible, Act 2 focuses on the inanity and destructive power of violence. Act 3 refers back to Act 1 and questions how the endless cycle of violence can be broken. The gods are silent. Man himself must bring to life the hope of a new beginning from his own convictions.

Looking for inspiration and new ideas? Bharatanatyam dancer Revanta Sarabhai will teach a workshop in which participants learn to use the idea of "self as source" as a way to create movement material. You will make short phrases and movement sequences as building blocks for original choreographies. In addition Revanta will teach repertoire from the classical styles such as hand gestures, facial expressions and rhythmic footwork to enrich your dance vocabulary.

The urgency to renew the dance style in which you excel: this is the binding factor for the two duos in the exciting program Two by Two. The classical styles Kathak and Bharatanatyam are for India what classical ballet is for the west. And just as in the west, Indian dancers and choreographers also strive for innovation within their own style. They use the classical basis of their movement language to create dance that is rooted in today’s world. Revanta Sarabhai and Poojah Purohit dissect Bharatanatyam to its core, revealing a new narrative, while their bodies still carry traces of the past. The Kathak duo Hari & Chethana explores the dualities of their lives as dancers: man-woman, rest-unrest, change-stagnation. They use the language they know to pose new questions about the significance and the experience of dance for dancers and the public.

Khoj (search)
In Khoj Kathak duo Hari & Chethana explore their lives as dancers. 

Out of Bounds
In Out of Bounds Revanta Sarabhai and Pooja Purohit ask the question what happens when they dissect Bharatanatyam to its core. 

Sat 24 October 
14:30 - 17:30Workshop: Looking Within - Revanta Sarabhai
Sun 25 October 
11:00 - 13:30Workshop: Bharatanatyam - Pooja Purohit
Mon 26 October 
20:00 - 21:30Monday Movement Class: Revanta & Pooja
Thu 29 October 
19:00 - 19:30Film: Sharira - Chandralekha’s Explorations in Dance
21:45     after talk Two by Two
Fri 30 October 
19:00 - 19:30Film: Sharira - Chandralekha’s Explorations in Dance
21:30The Nordanians


Revanta Sarabhai introduces a variety of rhythms and rhythmic cycles (taalas) from the amazingly rich tradition of Indian Music. With claps, spoken syllables and rhythm-games, musicians and dancers will explore rhythmic patterns and use them as a means to create compositions or movement. A world of new possibilities will open up.

Festival de Betovering and the India Dance Festival present the perfect fall vacation outing for the kids: Hanuman. The children’s workshop and family performance tell the story of the brave Monkey King Hanuman. His courage and loyalty, recounted in the epic Ramayana, are known worldwide. Hanuman saves the heroine Sita from the clutches of demon king Ravana who has kidnapped her. The story is given an exciting treatment with dance, video, and Indian masks.

Preceding the performance, children from 7-11 can participate in a workshop where they can also play a part in the performance. An active afternoon of theatre.

The Indian dance and music culture is very much alive. Many new choreographies are being made in the classical styles as well as in freer forms. These modern forms of Indian dance often use classical dance forms as a basis, but express a contemporary sense of life. Dakshi Dances aims the spotlight on the male body; three solos performed by three eminent dancers: urban dancer Shailesh Boharan and Bharatanatyam dancer and theatre maker Revanta Sarabhai dance their own solos. Choreographer Kalpana Raghuraman creates a modern solo for Indian dancer Sooraj Subramaniam.

Mon 21 OctoberMonday Movement Class with Revanta Sarabhai
Fri 1 NovemberIndian Party

Korzo is situated in the middle of the Hofkwartier; one of eight charismatic districts in the city center of The Hague. This place that oozes cultural history, with cozy nooks and crannies around every corner offers more than enough opportunities for an intimate dance project. CaDance invited five choreographers to make a performance suited to one of the hidden gems in this area. With no more than 24 other spectators, you will go visit all the performances and look the dance straight in the eye. For a moment you find yourself with the dancers in a totally different world, unseen by outsiders. Discover a new perspective on the city in this amazing guided tour.

The walking tours are accompanied by the guides of the Gilde Den Haag. The guides of the Gilde enjoy sharing their knowledge of the city with everyone who is interested. For more information go to

Proximity Cora Bos-Kroese

Everporapture Kenzo Kusuda

That short moment of recognition Jasper van Luijk

Ellipse Revanta Sarabhai

Sjoerd Vreugdenhil

DansClick 13 takes you to the contemporary dance from the rich culture of India. Meet and discover the young choreographers Kalpana Raghuraman and Revanta Sarabhai, with a warming-up film, two performances and afterwards a drink on stage.

Kiss of life - Kalpana Raghuraman | Korzo producties
Kalpana, who was initiated by her mother into the secrets of the classic Indian temple dance Bharatanatyam, offers with Kiss of Life an alternative to the role models that the contemporary Indian woman is confronted with: the pious, introverted woman, or the Indian version of Barbie. The ‘Black Goddess’ Kali inspires this alternative. She is wild and tempestuous, as well as gentle and tender. Free of traditional conventions, Raghuraman works through Bharatanatyam to provide a relevant example for today's women.

LDR - Revanta Sarabhai | Korzo producties
Integrating dance, video, live music, text and humor – Revanta explores with LDR the nature of long distance relationships through their myriad complexities and disjunctions, whilst dealing with a fundamental question: how can we find togetherness when living apart and on the move? An affective soundscape layers the interplay of text and movement with a multitude of 'voices' that speak of waiting, desire and the silence in between separation.

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Integrating dance, theatre, text and video – LDR explores the nature of long distance relationships through their myriad complexities and disjunctions, whilst dealing with a fundamental question: how can we find togetherness when living apart and on the move? An affective soundscape layers the interplay of text and movement with a multitude of 'voices' that speak of waiting, desire and the silence in between separation. 

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