Ryan Djojokarso

After graduating from Codarts/Rotterdam Dance Academy, Ryan Djojokarso (1983) was in demand as a dancer and worked with different choreographers including Itzik Galili, Liat Waysbort, Erik Kaiel, Keren Levi, Ugo Dehaes, Itamar Serussi and Tabea Martin. Since 2012, he developed himself as a choreographer, largely in collaboration with theatre director Bram Jansen. Ryan always works with a theme that ties together a series of productions.

In 2013 he made the duet Balts, the first in a series about a young, unmarried couple, for Korzo’s talent development program Voorjaarsontwaken. Balts was awarded a Critics Prize in Hannover, a prize for best dancer (Mayke van Kruchten) at CICC in Copenhagen, and the first Berner Tanzpreise. The series then continued with Nomophobia (CaDance 2015), On Hold (Voorjaarsontwaken 2016) and FINAL (Conny Janssen Danst, 2016).

In 2014 Ryan started working on several productions together with Bram, in which the duo wonders how sport and play are related to dance. This resulted in the productions Tanz ist auch sport (DOX), SPEED (Crosstown/Korzo) for young audiences, and recently Jij bent ‘m! (CaDance 2017) for children. The series that Ryan and Bram are currently occupied with departs from literature. Together with DOX & fABULEUS, they made Alleen de grootste nabijheid, inspired by a novel by Goethe from 1809. This performance was selected for the Dutch Dance Festival 2016. For CaDance 2017, they made Giovanni’s Room, an intense love story based on James Baldwin’s novel (1956) of the same name.

Ryan was nominated in 2017 for the Prijs Nederlands Dansdagen Jong Publiek, he was also awarded the BNG Bank Dansprijs for promising choreographers together with Astrid Boons and Sabine Molenaar. At the end of 2017, it was announced that Ryan would be awarded a subsidy in the New Makers program of the Fonds Podiumkunsten. This will enable him to develop as a choreographer in the coming two years in collaboration with Korzo, Scapino Ballet Rotterdam, and the Zuiderstrandtheater.   

“De Donder’ is very elegant, with endless arms and elastic shoulders. Together they beautifully portray the ecstasy and tragedy of a relationship doomed to failure.”

Choreographer Ryan Djojokarso is fascinated by interpersonal relationships and social behaviour. Aided by a keen sense of humour, he translates the big topics into playful and poignant performances. In his latest production Mom:Me, he dives into the bond between mother and child. It is a bond that is seemingly unbreakable in our society, and yet is sometimes broken or badly worn. Djojokarso uses his experience with the changeable relationship with his own mother and brings together drama, dance, and live music in a monumental stage setting. Mom:Me is a multidisciplinary gem about a subject that touches every one of us.

Ryan Djojokarso makes playful, funny, and moving performances where he mixes dance with sports and games. This time we’re playing hide and seek. With Josje who likes cars and Anton who likes to dress as Cinderella, with tough girl Kim and cry-baby Seth, and with Rick who’d rather play with Frank because he’s secretly in love with him. Hiding from the other, from the rest. Because they not only do not want to be found, they are also afraid of being laughed at and being bullied. Wie niet weg is, is gezien is about wanting to be accepted. Even if you’re not cool like the others or have different feelings. Because don’t we all hide behind something? A dancing fairy-tale about being different and that it’s ok to be yourself.

With DansClick, Korzo offers the public a wonderful introduction to the latest generation of dance makers. The multiple-bill program will be framed with introductory video portraits and an Après Danse where the audience can enjoy drinks and talk to the choreographers and dancers. The winners of the BNG Bank Dance Award present their work during the 19th edition of DansClick.

On Hold - Ryan Djojokarso
Ryan has caused surprise in previous years with a series of duets about a young, unmarried couple. On Hold is the third part of the series: a desperate, but loving attempt to get through to each other. With a physical sense of drama and a touch of humour, Ryan manages to translate familiar concerns into dance.

Rhizoma - Astrid Boons
Astrid Boons (1988) made a great impression in 2016 with the intense duet Rhizoma. Following the philosophical idea that existence can only be and only be perceived in coexistence with others (Jean-Luc Nancy), Astrid explores the impossibility of individual existence. Through glimpses of separation, incompleteness, influences and sensorial interaction, two dancers take us to a continuous flow of multiple transformations.

That’s it - Sabine Molenaar
Sabine Molenaar (1985) caused surprise in 2013 as a choreographer of the solo That’s it, which won various prizes. It was performed in Spain, Brazil, Korea, Austria, Canada, and elsewhere. Sabine roams through many layers of reality. She transforms into many seductive appearances until it becomes clear that nothing is really as it seems. Though That’s it is no longer performed, you can see this compelling solo once more in DansClick.

Homeland (Dar)
Stephanie Kayal (Koon Theatre Group)

A body in search of a homeland
What happens when houses and homelands fade? Where do their bodies go? Homeland (Dar) tries to understand the extent of our attachments to time and space. In a time when some societies are decaying and others are being born, home is an unstable concept. Stephanie Kayal tries to form a home within the body, perhaps finding a final resting point.

Grand Voyage
Ryan Djojokarso (DOX) & Ossama Halal (Koon Theatre Group)

A multidisciplinary performance about diversity and uniformity
Is guilt lived by a community, paid for by the individual? When one decides to separate oneself from the group, and fall into their own singularity; are they burdened with another form of guilt? Grand Voyage wants to test the sensitivity of the individual in the group. The performance is a journey that takes on different forms, ranging from brutal road trip to procession, from escape to crusade, from pilgrimage to protest march. A journey of which its travelers are bound to one another yet try to bridge their contradictions.

Ryan Djojokarso inspired by a James Baldwin book.

As one of the leading authors of the 20th century, James Baldwin denounced important racial and sexual misdeeds. Choreographer Ryan Djojokarso sought inspiration for his new performance in his book Giovanni’s Room (1956). The American David is about to marry Hella, but falls deeply in love with the Italian Giovanni in Paris. We follow David through the night leading up to the most horrible morning of his life, when his lover will be gone forever. A dance unfolds where soft intimacy, masculine camaraderie, sexual tension, and an all-consuming self-hatred struggle to prevail. What happens to you, when you are so afraid that you can no longer love?

'His touch could never fail to make me feel desire; yet his hot, sweet breath also made me want to vomit.' uit: Giovanni’s Room, James Baldwin (1956)

FINAL is the last part of the duets sequal named 'the life of a young unmarried couple', about the encounter, rise and fall of a love affair. In this last part they try to put an end to their relationship by using a ‘rebound’.

Five dancers enthusiastically chase each other around and get lost in rules that tumble over each other and keep changing. A playful game ensues where they go together in search of the rules. When are you ‘it’? How many people can ‘tag’? Do you help someone in need? Jij bent 'm! (you’re it!) is a sportive and dynamic performance by choreographer Ryan Djojokarso and theatre maker Bram Jansen where rules of behaviour are slowly revealed. But in the end, they have to agree on these rules so that the real game can begin. But watch out! You’ll get caught up in this game of tag before you know it.

Six out of ten Dutch people have a smartphone, and whether they’re in a train, in a car, on a bike – or even in the toilet – these phone addicts are never without their treasured possession, scrolling, gaming, and texting. Anything they can do, so as not to miss anything. Gazing intently at their smartphones, they miss nothing online; they do, however, shut themselves off from the world around them.

Is this the new kind of contact we’re looking for in the changing world we live in? Is this the new world we escape to a place where you never have to be alone? And can this new form of digital contact not be very intimate? Or do we stay on the surface, afraid that we’re being watched?

How realistic is a pas-de-deux as a reflection of how we communicate with each other?

NDT and Korzo present the newest burgeoning talent from home and abroad at the yearly event Voorjaarsontwaken. Korzo and the NDT go scouting in dance workshops, studios, and dance companies throughout the country. The most remarkable, brand-new dance performances are combined to a varied evening’s program. This year's event consists of two different programs.

Program 1: Thu 1 - Sat 3 May
A selection of remarkable, brand new dance pieces by choreographers working in the Netherlands. With Guilherme Miotto, Shailesh Bahoran, Vincent Verburg & Dayna Martinez Morales, Karine Guizzo, and Hari & Chethana. From NDT's Switch program Jianhui Wang has been selected to present his work.

Program 2: Thu 8 - Fri 9 May
In collaboration with the Korean SIDance Festival, three dance artists from Korea - KIM Bora, LIM Jin-ho, and KIM Jaeduk - have been invited to show their work for the first time to the Dutch audience. In addition, contemporary Indian dance by artists-in-residence Hari & Chethana will be presented.

Go to Program 1 and get a discount of 50% on a ticket for Program 2 (not valid in combination with other discounts).

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