Sabine Molenaar

During 4 hours, Sabine Molenaar will offer different tools of improvisation and composition which she uses in her own creation process. Mostly starting by using visualisation and breath she connects the mind and body and stimulates the imagination. In this way, she creates a nourishing ground for researching state of mind and physical quality.

With her company Sandman, Sabine Molenaar creates imaginative performances in which the associative logic of dreams rules. The world she creates is wonderfully unusual, but always recognizable. Sabine develops her performances from a specific state of mind. The body, in which she combines supreme mental, physical and emotional concentration, is her tool and gives her characters and associations profoundness and expressiveness. She connects the concrete and the etheric. The body is the compassionate point of departure: painfully virtuous and mercilessly personal

With DansClick, Korzo offers the public a wonderful introduction to the latest generation of dance makers. The multiple-bill program will be framed with introductory video portraits and an Après Danse where the audience can enjoy drinks and talk to the choreographers and dancers. The winners of the BNG Bank Dance Award present their work during the 19th edition of DansClick.

On Hold - Ryan Djojokarso
Ryan has caused surprise in previous years with a series of duets about a young, unmarried couple. On Hold is the third part of the series: a desperate, but loving attempt to get through to each other. With a physical sense of drama and a touch of humour, Ryan manages to translate familiar concerns into dance.

Rhizoma - Astrid Boons
Astrid Boons (1988) made a great impression in 2016 with the intense duet Rhizoma. Following the philosophical idea that existence can only be and only be perceived in coexistence with others (Jean-Luc Nancy), Astrid explores the impossibility of individual existence. Through glimpses of separation, incompleteness, influences and sensorial interaction, two dancers take us to a continuous flow of multiple transformations.

That’s it - Sabine Molenaar
Sabine Molenaar (1985) caused surprise in 2013 as a choreographer of the solo That’s it, which won various prizes. It was performed in Spain, Brazil, Korea, Austria, Canada, and elsewhere. Sabine roams through many layers of reality. She transforms into many seductive appearances until it becomes clear that nothing is really as it seems. Though That’s it is no longer performed, you can see this compelling solo once more in DansClick.

Five young, passionate, and strong-willed creatives present five new pieces on one evening. For her program Krisztina’s Keuze 2, choreographer Krisztina de Châtel selected a variety of talented choreographers she wanted to afford the chance to further develop their expressiveness. This year she supports Loïc Perela, Connor Schumacher, Sabine Molenaar, Konstantinos Kranidiotis, and Kiyan Khoshoie artistically with all her expertise and experience. We cordially invite you to come and discover their work.


The Frenchman Loïc Perela, who won the Nederlandse Dansdagen Prize in 2015, creates the ensemble piece VOICE in which he connects the bodies of the dancers with their own voices to make one instrument.

Connor Schumacher, who received his training in New York, creates Exhibition, a duet about the notion that people instinctively pick up on each other’s experiences. Are we perhaps all Siamese twins?

Sabine Molenaar drew De Châtel’s attention with her solos because of her courage to be pure and bizarre. She will recreate a solo, entitled A Moment. Sometimes you would want to shut your eyes and plug your ears, if only to avoid the constant input. Then only to discover that images appear on the back of your eyelids and sounds and voices echo in the recesses of your head.

Kostantinos Kranidiotis creates the duet Coexist for a man and a woman. It is a duet about the essence of communication, the importance of the senses, and about sensing and desire.

After seeing the macabre solo Vilain, by De Châtel invited the leading former dancer with Dansgroep Amsterdam and Scapino Ballet Rotterdam - Kiyan Khoshoie - to join Krisztina's Keuze 2

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