Simeon Ten Holt

Together with Korzo, Matangi Quartet stages a new festival for ‘unheard of’ music: (UN)heard Music festival. A brand new, multidisciplinary classical music festival for works that deserve more attention. This first edition features music by the Ukrainian composer Valentin Silvestrov. In addition to masterpieces from Silvestrov ’s oeuvre, four works receive their premiere.

Valentin Silvestrov decided to compose tonally in 1971. Coincidentally, Simeon ten Holt made the same decision that year. This choice resulted in very inspired and powerful music that is not often performed. The opening concert presents a number of Silvestrov ’s famous Silent Songs, combined with known and unknown works by Simeon ten Holt, Vladimir Godar, and Alfred Schnittke. De Dutch Don’t Dance Division dances a wonderful ‘pas-de-deux’ to Ground by Vladimir Godar.

Canto Ostinato was the first large-scale work by Simeon ten Holt who died last November. It is also his best-known work, not just to be listened to, but experienced. The international success of Canto Ostinato is due in part to the many ways in which it can be performed, from two to four pianos. Pianist Ivo Janssen made the unique choice to perform this work as a solo on one piano. The nearly hallucinatory music engages with the computer animations by Rogier Willems. The animations react to the sounds and make the music visible. Korzo presents this exciting interaction, that as one organism enthrals the audience.   

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