Kick the Bucket - Iván Pérez | DansClick 14


DansClick lets you be the first to discover the choreographers of the future. For every tour, the participating theater directors select new choreographers who, in their view are assets for the Dutch dance scene. Let yourself be surprised by these talents and enjoy their performances. The choreographers introduce themselves in a video portrait prior to the performance. Afterwards a mobile bar will be driven on stage and you will have the chance to speak to the choreographers in person.

Visitors on DansClick
“See, experience, discover, and immerse”

“A unique experience that you must have tried once!”

The Press on DansClick
“DansClick 8 surprises with a refreshing evening of dance that shows modern dance the way you like to see it: well-executed choreographies combined with the clear signatures of two individual dance makers who are on their way to earning their reputations. (Haarlems Dagblad, 8 March 2010, Sabine van den Berg, DANSCLICK 8)

“With such appealing dance pieces, the click with the audience is sure to come.” (Trouw, 3 October 2009 / Sander Hiskemuller, DansClick 7)

“DansClick 6 shows that modern dance expresses feelings that everyone can identify with, and is given form in a way that anyone can feel inspired by.” (Leidsch Dagblad, 20 March 2009 / Maarten Baanders DANSCLICK 6)

“(…)The fragmentation makes the dance vulnerable. Not everyone who makes a choreography needs a production apparatus. A combined program like DansClick, in which a few artists participate functions better. If the financial conditions for art subsidies worsen, then we will have to join forces and select more carefully, all of us together.” (de Volkskrant, 24 March 2010 / Ted Brandsen, artistic director Het Nationale Ballet)

With DansClick, Korzo offers the public a wonderful introduction to the latest generation of dance makers. The multiple-bill program will be framed with introductory video portraits and an Après Danse where the audience can enjoy drinks and talk to the choreographers and dancers. The winners of the BNG Bank Dance Award present their work during the 19th edition of DansClick.

On Hold - Ryan Djojokarso
Ryan has caused surprise in previous years with a series of duets about a young, unmarried couple. On Hold is the third part of the series: a desperate, but loving attempt to get through to each other. With a physical sense of drama and a touch of humour, Ryan manages to translate familiar concerns into dance.

Rhizoma - Astrid Boons
Astrid Boons (1988) made a great impression in 2016 with the intense duet Rhizoma. Following the philosophical idea that existence can only be and only be perceived in coexistence with others (Jean-Luc Nancy), Astrid explores the impossibility of individual existence. Through glimpses of separation, incompleteness, influences and sensorial interaction, two dancers take us to a continuous flow of multiple transformations.

That’s it - Sabine Molenaar
Sabine Molenaar (1985) caused surprise in 2013 as a choreographer of the solo That’s it, which won various prizes. It was performed in Spain, Brazil, Korea, Austria, Canada, and elsewhere. Sabine roams through many layers of reality. She transforms into many seductive appearances until it becomes clear that nothing is really as it seems. Though That’s it is no longer performed, you can see this compelling solo once more in DansClick.

With DansClick’s successful formula, Korzo offers the public a great experience with the latest generation of dance makers. A DansClick evening begins with a video portrait in which the creatives introduce themselves. After the performance, the audience is invited to an Aprés Dans on stage to enjoy drinks and chat with the artists. It’s a unique chance to discover and meet the latest generation of choreographers. During the 17th edition of DansClick, Korzo producties presents two choreographers who together reflect the exciting diversity of Dutch dance: hip-hop miracle Shailesh Bahoran and NDT talent Fernando Hernando Magadan.

Urban dancer Shailesh Bahoran presents a challenging mixture of hiphop, popping, and breakdance, also taking inspiration from Indian dance. In Lalla Rookh he brings a poignant tale from Hindustani history to life. With the tragi-comical duet (d)elusive minds, NDT dancer Fernando Hernando Magadan presents his credentials as a choreographer to the Dutch public. The performance, set to music by Schubert, is based on the true story of a patient with Capgras syndrome, a mental illness whereby a person is convinced that they have been replaced by an identical imposter.

DansClick’s success formula offers the public a great experience with the newest generation of dance makers. At a DansClick event, you can discover and meet with choreographers. They are present in the theatre and introduce themselves in video portraits prior to the event. Afterwards, there is the Aprés Dans where the audience is invited on stage to enjoy a drink and chat with the artists. At the 16th edition of DansClick, Korzo presents three talented choreographers in different stages of their career: Jasper van Luijk, Joeri Dubbe en Lukáš Timulak. 

Young choreographer Jasper van Luijk stands at the beginning of his career, but has already won the ITS Choreography Award 2012, and receives support from the Fonds Podiumkunsten in the Nieuwe Makers Regeling (New Creatives Program).
Joeri Dubbe is currently one of the most acclaimed talents in the Dutch dance scene. He was awarded the coveted BNG Prize for New Theatre Makers and the Prize for the Nederlandse Dansdagen. He has created a new work for three dancers especially for DansClick. Lukáš Timulak danced for ten years with Nederlands Dans Theater, where he also created a number of performances. In DansClick 16, he shows a different, humoristic side of himself.

The world famous Nederlands Dans Theater is a cradle of many choreographic talent. Three of these talents tour the theatres toghether with DansClick 14.

Kick the Bucket - Iván Pérez | Korzo producties
The Spanish Iván Pérez was till last season attached to the Nederlands Dans Theater as a dancer, where he was given opportunities to further develop his talents in choreography. He was asked twice by the artistic director of the NDT to create a piece for the company. At Korzo he created the beautiful duet Kick the Bucket revolving around the question if we are we strong and sensitive enough to get the most out of life?

The New Work - Amos Ben-Tal | Korzo producties
Israeli Amos Ben-Tal has made an impressive start as choreographer and musician. After his dance career at the NDT he created several productions for Korzo, including a live choreography performance with his band Noblesse. Amos surprised everyone at the CaDance Festival 2011 with his latest project The New Work in which he researches the idea of "live choreography". This form of choreography ensures that no two performances are alike and often leads to exciting and unexpected results.

Today Your Black Shoes Are Grey - Marina Mascarell | Korzo producties
The also Spanish Marina Mascarell danced for the NDT I and II till last season. She gained much experience in choreography in the choreography workshops and created works for CaDance Festival in The Hague and the Scapino Ballet Rotterdam. The poetic piece Today Your Black Shoes Are Grey has been growing in Marina's mind for a long time. What you see tonight is a brief summary of the ravages of greed in human beings and their surroundings, in a world that remains the same as before. 

DansClick 13 takes you to the contemporary dance from the rich culture of India. Meet and discover the young choreographers Kalpana Raghuraman and Revanta Sarabhai, with a warming-up film, two performances and afterwards a drink on stage.

Kiss of life - Kalpana Raghuraman | Korzo producties
Kalpana, who was initiated by her mother into the secrets of the classic Indian temple dance Bharatanatyam, offers with Kiss of Life an alternative to the role models that the contemporary Indian woman is confronted with: the pious, introverted woman, or the Indian version of Barbie. The ‘Black Goddess’ Kali inspires this alternative. She is wild and tempestuous, as well as gentle and tender. Free of traditional conventions, Raghuraman works through Bharatanatyam to provide a relevant example for today's women.

LDR - Revanta Sarabhai | Korzo producties
Integrating dance, video, live music, text and humor – Revanta explores with LDR the nature of long distance relationships through their myriad complexities and disjunctions, whilst dealing with a fundamental question: how can we find togetherness when living apart and on the move? An affective soundscape layers the interplay of text and movement with a multitude of 'voices' that speak of waiting, desire and the silence in between separation.

The prices quoted are based on Korzo ticket prices. Prices for DansClick 13 tickets in other theatres can be found on their respective websites.

Theatre directors have selected two performances for Dansclick 12 that they think you should see. DansClick now comes to Korzo for the first time. Sometimes it’s there is an intimate, evocative performance by Koen de Preter and Ulrika Kinn Svensson with subtle shades in movement, spoken word, lighting, and sound. The dancers play with poignancy and humour, and create a hypnotic and heart warming dance performance. In the light and playful Undo, Itamar Serussi Sahar, house choreographer with Danshuis Station Zuid, experiments with physical possibilities by using humour and improvisation. Let yourself be surprised by a new generation of choreographers and see in one evening the best of what the previous dance season has produced!


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