Korzo is one of the Netherlands’ largest dance producers for young top talent. From our home base of The Hague, talented choreographers work on new performances and take these on tour through the Netherlands and abroad.

They do this usually in the form of full-length performances, but also in exciting combined programs such as DansClick. Each season in this successful formula, Korzo introduces a new generation of dance makers to the Dutch public in a refreshing way. Korzo productions are seen all over the world, from Maastricht to Groningen, and from Taiwan to Russia. Korzo sees beginning creatives take their first steps and hosts premieres of new performances by renowned artists such as Ann Van den Broek, Duda Paiva, Jiří Kylián, Joeri Dubbe, Samir Calixto and Alida Dors.

In addition to supervising choreographers, Korzo is famed for staging successful festivals and events for dance talent: CaDance Festival, India Dance Festival, Here we live and now and Voorjaarsontwaken.

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On tour this season:

Conny Janssen Danst provides opportunities for young talent through DANSLOKAAL, the talent development project where young artists are invited to develop new work together with the dancers of Conny Janssen Danst. For each event artistic director Conny Janssen, one of the leading choreographers in the Netherlands, selects promising choreographers with diverse backgrounds in collaboration with Dansateliers and Korzo Producties. The contributors to DANSLOKAAL 7 are choreographers Jason Mabana (Conny Janssen Danst), Rutkay Özpinar (Korzo) and Joseph Simon (Dansateliers). In DANSLOKAAL they get the opportunity to work on the development of their own signature within the professional context of the company. The result is a surprising dance evening with three new pieces, created for and with the dancers of Conny Janssen Danst.

The well-known French company, Malandain Ballet Biarritz is one of Korzo’s European partners. Malandain’s current artist in residence, Martin Harriague will work this summer on his new performance Fossile before its premiere in France. This duet that he will create with dancer Frida Dam Seidel of the Göteborg Ballet, is about a subject close to his heart: the relationship between man and the planet. An unusual object on stage opens the door to infinite possibilities. Because, if the extinction of nature is a possibility, then hope for rebirth is also a possibility. But is this enough to find a lost paradise?


60 is a unique collaboration between choreographer Amos Ben-Tal, his dancer-collective OFFprojects and dance-company ICKamsterdam. Together they take the audience on a meditative journey that reflects on the social constructs and personal experience of time. Through movement, sound, light and words, Ben-Tal and the dancers skilfully deconstruct the concept of time. Sixty minutes where one shares moments of stillness, pressure, hope and desire, exploring the structure of time and its mysteries.

Amos Ben-Tal’s dance collective OFFprojects is known for its multidisciplinary performances and exceptional performing-qualities. After several successful productions in smaller venues, amongst which Howl (winner Dioraphte Dance Prize 2016), the company is now creating their first performance for the big stage in an exciting collaboration with the top dancers of ICK Amsterdam.

Since 2018 OFFprojects is artist-in-residence at ICK Amsterdam. ICK Amsterdam, under the direction of Emio Greco & Pieter C. Scholten, is a platform for contemporary dance in Amsterdam that produces international dance productions, collaborates with guest artists and initiates several research and education projects.

Unmistakeably personal and yet accessible to a wide audience. Dance maker Ryan Djojokarso manages to translate important social topics into playful and poignant performances with a healthy helping of humour and a down-to-earth light-heartedness. This time he takes his Surinam roots as a point of departure and the question, “faf a libi?” (how’s life?). Stories by people from Surinam who immigrated to the Netherlands at one point in their lives form the basis for the script. Their story of migration is brought to the stage through a storm of memories. From growing up in Surinam to the decision to emigrate, the trip, the arrival, the homesickness, acclimatizing, the feeling of loss… LIBI  is a multidisciplinary biography with dance and live music in a large visual stage setting about the lives of migrants in the Netherlands.

Choreographic talent Astrid Boons danced with Dansgroep Amsterdam, NDT 2, and the GöteborgsOperans Danskompani before embarking on a career as a choreographer. Two years ago, Korzo introduced this brand-new talent to the Dutch public. She overwhelmed the scene with an original, very precise and intensely felt movement language in the equally intense as intriguing duets Rhizoma and Vestige.

In Astrid’s work roles or ideas are not portrayed, the movement comes directly from the emotional and physical state of the dancer. The spectator is closely involved as a witness to the transformations the dancers go through. In the poetic and abstract Fields the dancers merge with their surroundings. Bodies, space, and time seem to become transparent and break through each other’s boundaries. In this sensual performance, the dancers lose themselves and seem only to exist as matter in dialogue with other elements. In an interplay of dance, music, and light, Fields creates images that stimulate all the senses and steal away associations that slip away as soon as you grasp them.

The twenty-first edition of DansClick presents the winners of the 2019 BNG Dance Prize: Sarada Sarita and Christiaan De Donder & Sedrig Verwoert. This combination makes for a challenging playbill that not only introduces new creatives, but also an original mixture of styles. The makers introduce themselves in video portraits and afterward invite the audience to enjoy drinks and chat about the performance.

Q4: Quantified  

Sarada Sarita is the figurehead of the Dutch New Way Vogue. Q4: Quantified is much more than a showcase for the challenging dance style New Way Vogue, performed by the best dancers in this style. In this performance, Sarita gives a political dimension to the expressive, stylized, and almost spiritual combination of vogue, hair hanging, and spoken word. Through the mesmerizing voice of vocalist Guillermo Blinker (alias Otion) she calls for equality, compassion, and transcending parochialism. With near impossible arm movements, executed with great precision, and fluid flexible poses, Sarita lets her dancers break out of geometric patterns. Form and content combine perfectly in this aesthetically intriguing performance with an activist undertone.


Watching them in their original choreography They/Them one would think that they had for years formed an inseparable duo, by the way they move together so easily and complement each other all over the stage. They are equal to each other in every way and bring out the best in each other. In They/Them, they mix movements from various styles into a black mating dance with royal allure. In this autobiographical duet about racism, toxic masculinity, and queerphobia, they explore the boundary between pain and pleasure. Their performance leaves an indelible impression – as a spectator, you can’t let them out of your sight. In February 2019, Christiaan and Sedrig received the first Leo Spreksel Award. Two creatives to watch in coming years!

The Hague, city of dance! Korzo and Nederlands Dans Theater celebrate with Here we live and now the wealth of dance talent this city possesses. Up-and-coming choreographers are invited to create a short performance. Zahira Suliman, Antonin Rioche and Wubkje Kuindersma together present their new pieces during this varied dance event. Let yourself be surprised by the artists and indulge yourself with the wealth of dance from The Hague.

The iconic music of Arvo Pärt is a source of inspiration for many people because of its timeless and almost ethereal quality. The purity and freedom of his music touches on the longing for consolation and tranquility in times of confusion and unrest. The tranquility and silence in Pärt’s work are just as important as the musical notes. It is this ‘music of silence’ that brought together choreographer Samir Calixto and the Amsterdam Cello Octet to create Summa. Pärt called the Cello Octet ‘ein Goldstück’ and wrote compositions specially for them that now form the basis for Summa. With great concentration, eight ‘cellists and two dancers present a synthesis of the music and knowledge that is locked inside our bodies: a ‘summa’ of our human complexity.

And on the first day, God said "Let there be light", and there was light. But God waited until the third day to make the sun. So what lit up the earth during the two first days? If it is zero degrees outside and it is supposed to be twice as cold tomorrow how cold will it be? When a fly lands on the ceiling, at what point does it turn upside down? And where does all the white go when the snow melts?! It is to these imponderable questions that Antonin Comestaz will attempt to provide absolutely no answers in For all we know.

The playfully absurd tone and incredible movement ingenuity give the work of this French choreographer, who by chance settled in the Netherlands, a charm all its own. Behind the captivating lightness lies the seriousness and authentic passion of a versatile creative artist who we’re sure to hear more of. The yearly performance by Nederlands Dans Theater and Korzo offer him the opportunity to make an important step in his development.

Choreographer Ryan Djojokarso is fascinated by human relationships and social behavior. With a great sense of humor and a theatrical dance style, he is able to transform large social issues into playful and touching performances. In his latest production Mom:Me the bond between mother and child is central. A bond that cannot be broken in our society, but often shows cracks or is even broken. Taking the changing relationship with his own mother as an example, Ryan creates a multidisciplinary performance in which play, dance and live music go hand in hand in a large setting.


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