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Shailesh Bahoran | Korzo producties, ISH

In his work, hip-hop innovator Shailesh Bahoran is inspired by his roots. In surprising ways, he combines the compelling energy and virtuosity of hip-hop with elements of Hindustani culture. In the dance performance Aghori, Shailesh shows what total devotion looks like. The most important inspiration for this performance was the ‘Aghori’, Indian gurus who aim to attain enlightenment through years of meditation and training. Through unending mental and physical training, they make their way past countless sins, temptations, and emotions, to finally leave everything behind. Because only then can you experience the world in its true form.

concept, direction Shailesh Bahoran | choreography Shailesh Bahoran in collaboration with the dancers | composition Rik Ronner, Raj Mohan |
live music and vocals Raj Mohan | dancers Simon Bus, Robbin Castillo, Gil Gomes Leal, Rajiv BhagwanbaliRohiet Tjon Poen Gie | light design Mike den Ottolander  | costumes Fam. Bahoran | decor construction Gregory Petrovich | Special thanks to Shueti & IRCompany

Aghori is produced by Korzo producties in coproduction of ISH and supported by the Municipality of The Hague and Performing Arts Fund NL.

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