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All there is in June

This season of All there is concludes with a combination of two very different makers who have made appearances in the series before. In Transmotion, Dario Tortorelli looks back at the work he made over the last decade; the visual and movement vocabulary, the aesthetic as conceptual, and the evolution and transformation of his alter ego Romeo Hart. Together with the composer Thierry Castel and the landscape artist Rosalie Wammes, he goes in search of new elements such as rhythm, repetition, and the use of live media to finally develop further his own artistic language. The work is realized during a succession of residences and presentations where, in performance, various possibilities are explored.

The interdisciplinary creative Dorit Weintal presents a dance solo as if it were a live concert. Based on the libretto The Path of Paradox she dives into the concept of trust and the mechanism of the process of trust.


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