Rita Góbi, Volitant © Marcell Piti

All there is in June

Talent has no boundaries

The summer edition of All there is exclusively features young talents.

Rita Góbi from Budapest was selected by the European Aerowaves network as one of the Priority Artists of Twenty18. She presents her solo Volitant that was acclaimed at the 10 Sentidos Festival in Valencia and recently received the Rudolf Laban Award in Hungary. Góbi’s choreography is a combination of intuition and experiment, securely constructed with repetitive miniature movements and grotesque, deformed elements. Dávid Szegő composed the music for Volitant based on Morse code as a perfect counterpoint to Góbi’s minimalism. The lighting design is by the Czech Pavla Beranová, known in Korzo for her work for Samir Calixto, Dunja Jocic, and Joeri Dubbe.

The second piece of the afternoon is by leading Israeli dancer Dor Mamalia, who recently made an impression in The Hague in the work of Idan Sharabi with an original solo during the opening gala of the Holland Dance Festival. This solo forms the basis of a new duet he is currently working on together with the Polish Dariusz Nowak.

Lukas Karvelis is a Codarts talent; this dancer from Lithuania made his presence felt in Talent on the Move in choreographies by Jíři Kylián and Antonin Comestaz. During the International Solo-Dance-Theatre Festival in Stuttgart 2018 he won second prize for choreography with his creation Blank Spots.


choreography and dance Rita Góbi | music Dávid Szegő | light design Pavla Beranová | costume design Judit Sinkovics | creative producers Ágnes Bakk

from the press

'It is hard to talk about Góbi’s performance without talking about her, as Rita Góbi and her performance are one and the same.'
  (Márta Péter, Tánckritika )

'Rita Góbi's explosive solo dance is filled with subtle associations: it is not hard to discover a futuristic interpretation, a kind of science-fiction remake of the Dying Swan: but instead of soft and lyrical tunes, it is performed to Dávid Szegő's harsh, repetitive and robotic noise sounds.'  (Tamás Halász, Színház)

'This is a solo of great discipline, flawless from start to finish, without an iota of idleness. It is concise and compact.'  (Csaba Králl, critic)

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