Decay, Astrid Boons © Håkan Larsson

All there is in May

When Astrid Boons caused a shockwave with her Here we live and now duets Rhizoma and Vestige in the Netherlands, this did not go unnoticed abroad. She was invited by the Swedish Dans I Nord festival in Pitea to make a short choreography for the French dancer Pascal Marty in collaboration with composer Miguelangel Clerc. Decay is the result of a process whereby the illusion of a perfect, timeless surface is broken up and life forces itself to the body’s surface.

After the performance Essential Rights that won him the BNG Bank Prize, Fernando Troya devoted his creative energies to a series of short pieces that together will form the performance Reminiscente. During All there is, he will present the first two parts. The solo The Colossus was inspired by Goya’s famous series of prints entitled The Disasters of War, and a painting and print bearing the same title. The series of prints is also the inspiration for the duet En Calzones, together with the series Los Caprichos and a few of Goya’s early paintings. Both pieces are accompanied live by Marko Ivic.

The third part of the afternoon will be held in the foyer. With this work in progress, Andrea Boll & Ivan Blagajcevic conclude a short residence in Korzo. In sage, the public can follow their research into one of the fundamental forms of communication from close by: touch. Andrea and Ivan have been working together for eleven years and wish, from that familiarity, to show the complex and delicate dynamic that results when two bodies come in contact with each other. They present a pallet of touches and caresses as an ode to the sensible, observing, and thinking human being.

choreography Astrid Boons | performance Pascal Marty | music Miguelángel Clerc Parada

choreography & dance Andrea Boll (bollwerk) & Ivan Blagajcevic (Grany Smit) | lead production danstotaal - Nicole Friedman | international spread entr’act | residence partners Fabriktheater Rote Fabrik, Korzo producties

A Colossus / En Calzones
concept & choreography Fernando Troya | assistant choreographer Quentin Roger | music Marko Ivic | production Martha Gallego | video Joris-Jan Bos and Maarten de Kroon | dance Arturo Vargas, Fernando Troya


from the press

'Pascal Marty is not merely a dancer but a phenomenon. His physicality defies norms and pushes boundaries in its expressive possibilities, above and beyond essential technique.' - Theatre Travels over Decay

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