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Everything you always wanted to know about break-dancers, but never dared to ask

B-Boy offers a glimpse into the lives of break-dancers and the dance battle scene. We see an encounter between five totally different dance personalities, who all defy the laws of gravity. They respectfully dissect battle codes and hip-hop-principles, share their rituals and physical suffering, and are open about the endless training and mutual rivalry. They are also not afraid to speak candidly about each other’s skills and failures. In the style of a documentary choreographer, Jolanda Spoel created an inquisitive performance where film, theatre, real life, and fiction merge seamlessly.

concept, direction Jolanda Spoel | dancers Pom Arnold, Kenji Hendriks, Tim Jansen, Dietrich Pott, Remses Rafaela | choreography Lloyd Marengo, Jolanda Spoel and dancers | composition Marlon Penn | decor Laura de Jong | costumes Dorine van IJsseldijk | lights Claus den Hartog | dramaturgy Dorien Folkers | video Steven Elbers

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