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Bambie is Back!

Bambie, Eef van Breen Group

With live music by the Eef van Breen Group

Bambie is back! The mime group that overwhelmed the public with performances filled with physical slapstick and threadbare poetry is back on stage after years of absence. The core of the group is the duo Paul van der Laan and Jochem Stavenuiter. In their new production, they battle time together with the musicians of the Eef van Breen group. While the clocks tick away in milliseconds, our perception of time appears to be wondrously malleable. A minute’s wait can seem to last forever. Moments of happiness, on the other hand, can be fleeting and intangible. The theatre is the best place to make this elastic perception of time manifest, to stretch seconds and clench together light years, to fuck around with time in physical and musical confrontations between bodies and instruments. A performance about the measured finality and the supposed infinity of everything.

creators and performers Eef van Breen, Stathis Elio, Ibelisse Guardia, Paul van der Laan, Eva Tebbe and Jochem Stavenuiter | dramaturgy Marijn van der Jagt | set Hester Jolink | direction Erik Whien

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