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Angus Barnacle, Kenzo Kusuda | New European Ensemble, Korzo producties

The New European Ensemble and Korzo Productions present BARE. Magical music theatre full of humour, tragedy and poetry. The musicians play the leading role revealing themselves completely; their dreams and ambitions, but also their struggle to exist and thrive. The renowned Japanese choreographer Kenzo Kusuda makes it all visible, set to colourful music by the Australian composer Angus Barnacle.

The musicians deserve a place in the spotlight. Their livelihood is a fascinating subject for theatre. Making music is one of the most beautiful things there is. It allows musicians to transcend the everyday. But before they set foot on a stage they have to practice for thousands of hours. To transport listeners to other dimensions, they must perform acrobatic feats on difficult instruments, often costing as much as a house. Stage fright, competition and other dangers can turn their lives into chaos.

Their struggles but also their search for beauty are translated by Kenzo Kusuda into wonderful images and intriguing choreography. With humour and light heartedness he reveals what happens when musicians' dreams confront reality.

Kenzo Kusuda has received wide attention for his compelling choreographies and performances as a dancer. He attempts to capture mystical beauty beyond the visible. With one body on a nearly empty stage he is able to transcend the here and now.

The Australian composer Angus Barnacle has won praise for his sensitive and poetic music. His work has been performed by Gelders Orkest, Asko|Schönberg and at the festival November Music.

music Angus Barnacle | choreography Kenzo Kusuda | flute Felicia van den End | clarinet James Meldrum | violin Rada Ovcharova | viola Emlyn Stam | cello Willem Stam | piano Hanna Shybayeva | lightdesign Peter Lemmens 

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