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Bending the Walls

Fernando Hernando Magadan | Nederlands Dans Theater, Korzo producties

An ode to the imagination

The Dutch dance organizations Korzo and Nederlands Dans Theater (NDT) join forces to support up-and-coming choreographers, and offer them a suitable platform to create a new performance and bring it on tour. In 2018 the choice fell on choreographer and dancer Fernando Hernando Magadan, a mature talent of which you absolutely want to see more.

Spanish choreographer Fernando Hernando Magadan has already made several pieces inside and outside the Netherlands, but it was the DansClick-tour of 2015 which introduced him to a wider audience as a choreographer. In the tragicomic duet (d)elusive minds he convincingly and with a sharp virtuosity brought together dance, text, scenography and music in a multilayered narrative. His new performance Bending the Walls is about the human desire for happiness. A longing  that is rooted deep in our dreams and desires, and which can be a necessity; a strategy to protect yourself, to survive even. Fernando is inspired by the incredible courage and resilience that people show under extreme pressure, which enables them to transcend the reality and escape into a world of imagination. In Bending in the Walls dance becomes a metaphor for the psychological, physical and emotional forces that we can address to withstand the pressures of life and continue our incessant quest for happiness.

concept & choreography Fernando Hernando Magadan | dance Katherine Cowie, Steffi de Leeuw, Ximo Llorens, Margarita Lopez, Carlos Núñez Veiga, Miguel Oliveira, Dominic Santia | dramaturgy Yvan Dubreuil | composition Luis Hernaiz | voice & text Gary Hill - Around and about (1980) | costume design Annemarije van Harten | lighting design Peter Lemmens | video Harmen Straatman

Bending the Walls is produced by Korzo and Nederlands Dans Theater and made with the support of the Municipality of The Hague and the Performing Arts Fund NL.

from the audience

'It was art in (e)motion, hot wiring the kinesthetics and challenging.'

'I was completely blown away. What an incredible performance and I had such an amazing time.'

from the press

'...with this, his first long work, we see the potential for him to become an significant and influential choreographer.' (Arts Talk Magazine)

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