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Blueprint on Memory

Ann Van den Broek | WArd/waRD

The Memory Loss Collection is a big project that Ann Van den Broek is working on over the next two years. It means to draw attention to how the brain functions and the effects of memory loss. The project will encompass three new productions and several related events. Blueprint on Memory is the first production in this series, and previously used elements such as live music and the use of cameras will be further explored. The blueprint will literally be visible on the floor and the performers will have to find their way between the cords, cables, pedals and triggers. This complex chaos tests the mental and physical memory of the performers, yet at the same time it gives them something to hold on to in their movements.

concept & choreography Ann Van den Broek with Nik Rajšek, Louis Combeaud, Sjoerd Bruil, Marion Bosetti, Jean-Gabriel Maury and in varying occupation Carla Ramos Guerra, Camilla Branchetti, Anthony van Gog, Meike Stevens | video and lights Bernie van Velzen | advise and scenography Niek Kortekaas | assistant Ann & Lyrics Gregory Frateur | music composition Nicolas Rombouts en Sjoerd Bruil | dramaturgy Marc Vanrunxt | costumes styling Marielle Vos | photography print Rio Staelens | design print De Zagerij

Tickets to the performance on the 15th of December are also available through We Are Public.

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