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Camouflage (5+)

Captain Sugar & the Monkey Puppets

A cheerful family performance filled with surprises and spectacular tricks

The four roommates Green, Blue, yellow, and Red have got it made. Green lies comfortably on the couch, Blue hangs up above in the air, Yellow turns around a pole, and Red hangs by her hair. Life in their living room runs like a Swiss watch, until White juggles into their lives and no hat is left unturned! Captain Sugar & The Monkey Puppets mix theatre high level circus techniques in an energetic and playful performance about our ever-changing world and the importance of adaptation. Little anecdotes are told with the necessary humour and much virtuosity. A cheerful performance for the whole family that also makes you think.

NOTE: prior to the show four students of Circaso present their act Limitless in the Korzo studio. Be very welcome at the group Defenestration by Amanou Jansen, Kaj Fischer, Lima van de Berg and Sequoia van Ekeren.

Eyrún Ævarsdóttir (IS) verticaal touw, acrobatiek | Friederike Kohring (DE) hand to hand acrobatiek, Chinese paal, haar-hangen | Jóakim Kvaran (IS) Cinese pole, acrobatiek | Michael Zandl (AT) hoedenmanipulatie, acrobatiek | Leon Börgens (DE) hand to hand acrobatiek, jonglage, acrobatiek | eindregie Andreas Denk, Arno Wouters

age 5+


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