Critical Syrian Cinema 3

Dancing On The Edge

A Plate of Sardines  – or The First Time I Heard of Israel (Tabaq el-Sardin)
Omar Amiralay |Syrian/France |1997 |17’ |color| English subtitles
“The first time I heard of Israel, I was in Beirut, the conversation was about a plate of sardines. I was six years old, Israel was two”. In the company of filmmaker Mohammad Malas, Omar Amiralay revisits the ruins of the destroyed village of Quneytra.

 There Are So Many Things Still To Say… (Hunalika Ashiya’ Kathira Kana Yumken an Yatahadath ‘Anha al-Mare’…)
Omar Amiralay | Syrian/France |1997 |50’ | color| English subtitles
A few months before the passing of his friend and close collaborator dramaturge Sa‘adallah Wannus, Amiralay listens to his friend's somber and relentless words, a farewell to a generation for whom the Arab-Israeli conflict has been the source of all disillusion.

Critical Syrian Cinema: Roots of Revolution?
In collaboration with Beeld voor Beeld (The Netherlands), ProAction Film (Syria), and ArteEast (USA), Dancing on the Edge presents a film program on Syrian cinema.
Syrian films are often described as Arab cinema’s “best kept secret”. One of the most compelling feats of Syrian filmmakers has been their ability to craft an unabashedly independent voice despite the fact that their films are produced by the state, a stellar achievement in Arab cinema. This film program features the most renowned and convincing work of three important Syrian film makers, all of whom have received worldwide critical acclaim. The late master documentary filmmaker Omar Amiralay and documentary and feature film makers Ossama Mohammed en Mohammad Malas closely collaborated on most of their films, both fiction and documentary. Their highly engaged  work reflects on issues in Syrian society as well as the wider Arab world.

Dancing on the Edge Festival
Half way through December during the Dancing on the Edge Festival, Korzo will be transformed in to the center for contemporary performing arts from the Middle East and North Africa. Dance, theatre, and music from such countries as Iran, Morocco, Jordan, Iraq, Palestine, Israel, Egypt, Syria, and Lebanon will be complemented with a enhancing program of films, installations, talks, and debates. See through the eyes of this new generation of socially committed creatives and see what moves them!

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