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Shailesh Bahoran, Iván Pérez | Korzo producties

At Crosstown, young dancers get the chance to discover and develop their creative ambitions. At the highest level, the most talented dancers work for a period of a few months with professional choreographers. This year the privilege falls to modern dance choreographer Iván Pérez and urban dance talent Shailesh Bahoran.

Shailesh Bahoran derives his inspiration from his direct environment. In Tribe, the dancers explore how great an influence the outside world has on their values, customs, clothing, greetings, rituals, and religion. But what happens when you find yourself somewhere else? To what extent do you let yourself be influenced? Are you successful in staying true to yourself?

For Source Language, Iván Pérez proceeds from the creativity and expressiveness of the dancers. The starting point is a sentence. The dancers create a new language without words by writing their own sentence in movement. The music is a combination of compositions by Yiannis Tsirikoglou and sound recordings of physical actions, such as writing on surfaces and tapping rhythms. The result is an exciting, open, and tangible new reality.

Strippenkaart - Get Close To Talent
During the entire month of June, Dutch top talent in the fields of music and dance present performances in Korzo. Students of dance academies, conservatories, and Crosstown DH display their art. They warmly invite you to attend and witness this exciting and insightful moment of their careers.

Attend three student performances of your choice for just € 18,-. Order the strippenkaart at the box office: or 070-3637540.

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