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DansClick 17

With DansClick’s successful formula, Korzo offers the public a great experience with the latest generation of dance makers. A DansClick evening begins with a video portrait in which the creatives introduce themselves. After the performance, the audience is invited to an Aprés Dans on stage to enjoy drinks and chat with the artists. It’s a unique chance to discover and meet the latest generation of choreographers. During the 17th edition of DansClick, Korzo producties presents two choreographers who together reflect the exciting diversity of Dutch dance: hip-hop miracle Shailesh Bahoran and NDT talent Fernando Hernando Magadan.

Urban dancer Shailesh Bahoran presents a challenging mixture of hiphop, popping, and breakdance, also taking inspiration from Indian dance. In Lalla Rookh he brings a poignant tale from Hindustani history to life. With the tragi-comical duet (d)elusive minds, NDT dancer Fernando Hernando Magadan presents his credentials as a choreographer to the Dutch public. The performance, set to music by Schubert, is based on the true story of a patient with Capgras syndrome, a mental illness whereby a person is convinced that they have been replaced by an identical imposter.

Lalla Rookh
concept, direction, choreography Shailesh Bahoran | dance, choreography Herrold Anakotta, Gaffar Binda, Kevin van der Kleij, Navin Roepan, Naïma Souhaïr, Sharani Sowikromo | music Rik Ronner | dramaturgy Vincent Rafis | light Albert Tulling

Lalla Rookh is a production of Spin Off and Korzo producties in collaboration with ISH and is financially supported by the Performing Arts Fund NL.

(d)elusive minds
concept & choreography Fernando Hernando Magadan | assistent choreography Katherine Cowie, Yvan Dubreil | dance Dominic Santia, Katherine Cowie | light Peter Lemmens | cotumes Carlijn Petermeijer | music Schubert Trio Pour Piano, Violon Et Violoncelle En Mi Bemol, Op. 100 | composition Fernando Hernando Magadan, Harmen Straatman | story inspired by All the stories of Dora Garcia’s Insert in Real Time.

(d)elusive minds is a Korzo production in collaboration with Nederlands Dans Theater and is financially supported by the Municipality of The Hague and the Haagse Bluf Fonds.

from the press

Magadan draws the viewer in to his imaginative world with the light-footed and poignant (d)elusive minds. Small pieces of theatre rhythmically interweave with excellent and compelling dance.” ( on Magadan)

Even without knowing the story, (d)elusive minds captivates because of the grim beauty of the dance, the fascination for the bizarre and the uncomfortable hilarious poses.” (Cultureel Persbureau on Magadan)

"Bahoran lets the symbolically charged elegance of Indian dance rhyme beautifully with the virtuoso body isolations of hiphop. By turns lyrical and explosive.” ( on Bahoran)

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